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Ippo’s Recovery Time

This workout corresponds to the recovery time after Ippo’s title fight. He wasnt’ allowed to come back to the gym for 3 months. While I think this is a little extreme, because I think you’d lose a lot of strength/speed/stamina, the concept of rest is very important to the athlete or anyone who does hard training. This is a light workout to throw in amidst the hellish training that we sometimes put ourselves through.

Ippo’s Recovery Time

1. Run 1 Mile at a light pace
2. 20 Push-ups
3. 20 Sit-ups
4. 20 Squats
5. 3 Minutes Shadowboxing
6. Extra Stretching

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  • For extra stretching, you can do as you like, but I would say just do another round of the Real Anime Training Stretching Routine and maybe massage your muscles with your hands to work out the tension and lactic acid.

This is super simple, but it’s supposed to be. This will give you an opportunity to have a very easy day every now and again, but still to keep your body moving.

That’s number one for today– up next is more of Retsu Kaioh’s Training. Hope you enjoy! Good luck and train hard!

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