Iron Palm (Full Story) – Strengthen Palm – Real Anime Training

Iron Palm (Full Story) – Strengthen Palm

Alright, guys, let me get your thoughts on this video. Any value to this training? I kind of feel like this whole promotion from Under Armour is all just random crap.

Let me know what you think.

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  • robisntdrunk says:

    lol what is this?

    "How does splashing water condition the hand for iron palm? what is the theory/fact behind it if you don't mind my asking."

    Pretty much what my thoughts are. (Comment from the video)

  • I do iron palm training but with a bag of gravel. Water does provide resistance because of surface tension but this looks just silly. Either way, bone strenthening takes a loooong time and you need to be dedicated to get any real results.

  • bob says:

    well that fact and the fact that most people dont have imagination when they want to be strong because there weak minded so they take the easy way out to train thinking that they will get quicker results

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