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Itagaki’s “Go-Go Mode” Workout

Itagaki Manabu is fast.  Really fast.  When he really pushes himself in the ring, it’s like everything else just slows down around him.  He perceives his opponent moving in what is essentially slow motion. This workout is about speed, reaction, and reflexes. The workout might be a little less volume than Itagaki’s KBG Workout, but it’s intensity is cranked to the max. You should be pushing hard on every sprint and every hard round.


Itagaki’s “Go-Go Mode” Workout

  1. Sprint 100 Meters
  2. Jog 100 Meters
  3. Back Peddle Sprint 50 Meters
  4. Back Peddle Jog 50 Meters
–10 Rounds, then

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  1. Run 2 Miles, as fast as possible
  2. Shadowbox 30 Seconds
Afternoon (4-6 hours later): Rest 1 Minute after each Exercise
  1. 3 Minutes Footwork Practice (Warm-up)
  2. 3 Minutes Speedbag Practice (Warm-up)
  3. 3 Minutes Double-End Bag Practice (Warm-up)
  4. 3 Minutes Jump Rope (Warm-up)
  5. 30 Seconds Moderate/30 Seconds Hard x 6 Rounds Foot Work Practice
  6. 4 x 3 Minutes Moving Speedbag Practice
  7. 4 x 3 Minutes Double-End Bag Practice
  8. 30 Seconds Moderate/30 Seconds Hard x 6 Rounds Heavy Bag Work OR Shadowboxing
  9. 4 x 3 Minutes Dodging Punches
  10. 4 x 3 Minutes Heavy Bag Work, Mitt Work, OR Sparring 
  11. Recover 5 Minutes
  12. 20 Seconds On/10 Seconds Off x 8 Rounds of One of the Following: Shadowboxing, Jump Rope, OR Heavy Bag Work
  13. Recover 5 Minutes
  14. GO-GO MODE: 3 Minutes All-Out Shadowboxing OR Heavy Bag (Keep moving!!)
  • You should be able to move fast in any direction. The first portion of the workout is designed to build your dashing and retreating speed. You’ll push yourself hard and then recover for the same distance.  When you finish the sprint intervals, run 2 miles as fast as you can and then bust out 30 seconds of super hard shadowboxing. You’ll be spent, but you won’t have to do anything for 4-6 hours. 
  • The first four rounds of the second workout are just for warming up. Go at a relatively easy pace for all four rounds so you’re ready for the full-force work later in the session. 
  • For the footwork practice, think about every possible way that you can move during a fight. Forward, back, side to side, circling, shuffling, bouncing, half steps forward in multiple directions, changing footwork and direction mid-movement. Don’t even think about stopping. The ability to move as quickly as you can in any possible way while on your feet is your only goal during this time.
  • Moving Speedbag Practice is merely moving around the speedbag while you hit it. It will definitely challenge your reaction time and your timing. You’ll need to decide if you will change your punch to adapt to the direction of the bag that’s already in play or if you will attempt to hit the bag from another angle in order to change its direction. This will be very hard at first. You will fail quite a bit. However, this will do amazing things for your reaction time, your timing, and your hand-eye coordination.
  • Double-end bag practice is essential. You need to be able to hit, dodge, and hit again repeatedly. Start slowly as to not hurt yourself, but eventually you should be able to hit the double-end bag quickly and respond in kind, perhaps even while moving around it. 
  • The High-Intensity Intervals found in the 30 Seconds Moderate/30 Seconds Hard Rounds are designed to push your conditioning and get you used to moving at a high rate of speed.  Don’t spend too much time thinking. Just move. You may have to start with simple 1-2s in order to keep from tripping over yourself, but, eventually, combinations will flow from this controlled chaos and you will feel more comfortable at this break-neck speed.
  • When you are dodging punches, you should start slowly and begin with simple attacks. Avoid going too fast or using a lot of combinations until you are very accustomed to this training. Wear gear and gloves, of course. Use head movement, swaying, footwork and parrying to avoid being hit. This is not the time to block. We’re trying not to get hit at all. If you get hit, that’s fine. Reset and start over.
  • The four rounds of shadowboxing, bag work, or sparring can be at whatever pace you need. If you need to work on technique, go for it. If you need some hard sparring or power work on the bag, now’s the time. 
  • Use the recovery time. Slow your breathing down. Walk around. Drink water (which you should have been doing throughout the whole workout). Stretch a little if you need to. We’re going to go all-out and your body needs to recover to be able to put the most amount of effort into these full power bursts. 
  • This first burst is in Tabata Format and is only 4 minutes long. However, it’s a LONG 4 minutes, because the 20 seconds of work are at as near 100% as you can get yourself. 
  • This last round is GO time. You put every last ounce of speed and power into 3 minutes. You are the God of Time, living in a realm of speed no mere mortal can hope to keep up with. Feel free to collapse at the end, because for 3 minutes, there should not be a single moment where you stop moving and hitting.
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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