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Jack Hanma Workout #3: Athletic Training

For the third workout for the monster known as Jack Hanma, we have athletic training. It’s kind of CrossFit-ish, but I figured that kind of fits for Jack.  I’m trying to figure out if I want to do a final workout for the eldest Hanma boy, but we’ll see.

Jack Hanma Workout #3: Athletic Training

  1. Run 400 Meters
  2. 21 Muscle-ups
  3. Run 400 Meters
  4. 21 Handstand Push-ups
  5. Run 400 Meters
  6. 21 Box Jumps (24″)
  7. Run 400 Meters
  8. 21 Burpees w/Push-up and Jump


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  • You should try to go through this workout as fast as you can. Obviously don’t sacrifice form for speed, but zoom through it, nonetheless.
  • Muscle-ups are crazy. You do a pull-up and, at the top of the movement, you pull yourself above the bar and push up like you are doing a dip. That’s one rep. If you can’t do muscle ups, do 21 pull-ups and 21 dips. When you can do 21 pull-ups and 21 dips, do 42 pull-ups and 42 dips. At this point, you should be able to do a muscle-up. You should be able to do the 21 pull-ups straight before the muscle-ups, but it’s not necessary to do 42 straight.
  • You should do your handstand push-ups supported, but in between chairs or parallel bars, so you have full range of motion. When you can do 21 with support, practice without support, but be careful, since you’ll be higher than normal.
  • Touch and go on your box jumps.
  • For the burpee with a push-up and jump, you squat down. Then, you place your hands next to your feet and thrust your feet out until you are in a push-up postition. Next, you do a push-up. Then, you jump your feet back in between your hands. Lastly, you spring up from this postion, with your hands reaching upward. When you come back down, you should immediately go back into a burpee.

That’s all for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!!

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