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Kakashi’s Rock Climbing Training

During the Chunnin exams, we actually get to see a little of Kakashi’s own training. He ties one arm behind his back and climbs up the face of a cliff.  That’s beastly. So, in the spirit of the Leader of Team 7, here’s a workout that you may enjoy if you have access to a rock wall. I do not recommend doing this workout without a partner (nay, I forbid it!) or safety equipment. If you try to just go a free climb, you may find yourself 35 feet in the air with shaking arms and legs and no way to get down and that’s just not pretty. I’d rather no one die doing any of these workouts. 🙂

In any case, here it is:

Kakashi’s Rock Climbing Training

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-Climb a total 100 feet on a rockwall, using both hands.

-Climb a total of 200 feet on a rockwall, using both hands.

-Climb a total of 50 feet on a rockwall, using one hand. Do both sides (100 total feet).

-Climb a total of 100 feet on a rockwall, using one hand. Do both sides (200 total feet).


  • If you have to do this in sets of 25 or 50 feet because of rockwall size, that’s fine.
  • You should advance when you feel very comfortable climbing the height on your current level.
  • Climbing with one hand is ridiculous. You need to really hug the wall and focus on short jumps. You will need a large degree of grip strength, because the only way you’ll be able to move up is in quick bursts, even jumps.
  • Expect to fall a lot when doing one-handed climbing.

I really hope you guys enjoy this workout. I know we don’t have a lot of Naruto workouts, so it’s always a treat to have them. I don’t think you’ll learn the Chidori doing this workout, but it will help your grip, arm, back and leg strength and your agility.

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