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Kamishiro Yuu- Thug Hunter Workout

Combination Practice (Techniques are separated by “-“)
(20 Reps Each Side)

  1. Jab
  2. Jab-Cross
  3. Jab-Jab-Cross
  4. Cross-Jab-Cross
  5. Jab-Cross-Rear Leg Round Kick
  6. Jab-Rear Leg Round Kick to Opponent’s Leg
  7. Lead Leg Round Kick to Opponent’s Leg-Cross
  8. Jab-Cross-Step Back-Spinning Back Kick
  9. Jab-Cross-Switch Kick
  10. Jab-Jab-Double Leg Takedown

Street Fighting Practice

-Jog 10 Minutes, then

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  1. 3 Minutes Sparring
  2. 100 Meter Sprint
  3. 3 Minutes Wrestling
  4. 100 Meter Sprint
  5. 3 Minutes Walking

–5 Rounds


  • You can do the combinations in the air, on a heavy bag, with a partner holding mitts or pads
  • For the jog, you’re just going to get your body moving and loosen up. 
  • In the sparring, it’s best if you wear gear. You can just box or just kickbox or do mixed sparring.
  • For the wrestling practice, you can use Greco-Roman rules or collegiate. Basically, all we want is to focus on positioning and controlling and throwing. Don’t worry about submissions. 
  • You don’t have to do this all back-to-back. You can, but you don’t have to. You can do the first part in the morning and the last part in the evening or vice-versa. 
I’m a really big fan of Holyland, so I’m always fond of doing those workouts. Hope you guys enjoy this workout. Between the other three Holyland workouts, you guys should have quite the skill-set developed. I’ll post some videos of the techniques at some point if you guys like. 
That’s all for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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