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Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru- Promotion Examination Workout

This workout is based on the belt promotion examination that Kohinata participated in during Chapter 30 and 31. It’s not terribly difficult, but can be made more so. In the spirit of Karate, improving oneself, and really, really long names of things– here’s the workout!

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru- Promotion Examination Workout

1. Basics Practice

  1. 20 Horse Stance Punches 
  2. 20 Lunge Punches 
  3. 20 Reverse Punches 
  4. 20 High Blocks 
  5. 20 Low Blocks 
  6. 20 Middle Blocks 
  7. 20 Front Kicks 
  8. 20 Side Kicks 
  9. 20 Roundhouse Kicks 
  10. 20 Back Kicks 
2. Conditioning
  1. 10 Reps Tennis Ball Kicking 
  2. 10 Reps Stick Jumping
  3. 3 x 20 Yards Handstand Walking
3. Skill Practice
  1. Kata Practice- 10 Minutes
  2. Full Contact Karate Sparring- 3 x 3 Minute Rounds
  • All basics are both sides. 
  • If you guys will check back with the Shamo workouts, you’ll see a description of most of the Karate basics listed here. However, the ones you won’t see are the lunge punch, the reverse punch and the back kick.  
  • The lunge punch is done from a forward stance, with your rear leg stepping forward and that same side punching. The moment your foot lands should be the same moment your fist lands against your target. 
  • The reverse punch is also from a forward stance, but is stationary, with just the rear arm punching. 
  • For the back kick, from your fighting stance, look behind you and lift your knee up. Aiming with your glute on the leg you are kicking with, extend out and strike your target with your heel. 
  • For Tennis Ball Kicking, you hang a tennis ball from the ceiling on a string and jump up to kick it with a front kick. Obviously, if you are not used to this, you will have to have a fairly low target and increase it as time progresses. 
  • You may just use a broom handle for stick jumping. Essentially, you hold the stick in each hand, arms fully extended and jump over it. Be very careful to get your knees up or you might end up face-planting. So… maybe do it somewhere with soft grass or a mat… just saying. 
  • We’ve covered hand walking before. 
  • If you know any Kata, practice them. If not, devise a set of 15-20 movements in arrangement that mimic you responding to invisible opponents. The point of Kata is to ingrain basic movements and to develop a mindset of fighting being nothing more than just another practice. 
  • The Full Contact Karate Sparring has been covered before. Please be very careful with your training partner. Ease up if it’s your first time. 
Thanks for reading, guys! That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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