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Kenichi’s Vacation Workout- Getting There

Looking back through the anime, I realized there was another opportunity for a workout when Kenichi, also called Engine-kun during this little trip, went to Furinji Hayato’s island for summer vacation (What? The Invincible Superman can’t have his own island?!)

The scene is a glorious day at sea, with everybody cruising along on the boat built by Apachai. As we go below deck, we see that Kenichi is actually moving the boat across the water by moving hand and feet pedals. Initially, I skipped over this little bit for a workout because I thought, “Hey, who the heck has a big-ass boat they can just pedal around?”  

However, upon further meditation, I came up with this:

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Kenichi’s Vacation Workout- Getting There

Pick One:

  • Elliptical Machine at MAX difficulty for 30 Minutes total.
  • Rowing Machine at MAX difficulty for for 30 Minutes total.
  • Stationary Bike at MAX difficulty for 30 Minutes total.
  • Hand Bike Machine at MAX for 30 Minutes total.


  • By 30 minutes total, I mean that if you have to stop, by all means stop, but the total time that you spend on the peace of equipment should be 30 minutes.
  • I’ve given a lot of options for you because I know a lot of place have different kinds of cardio equipment.
  • If you have questions about proper form for the Rowing Machine, there should be directions on the machine itself. In general, though, you should be pushing with your legs as well as pulling with your arms. Try to make it all one motion instead of two separate ones.

That’s all for today. I think this is a good one to throw in there every now and again, because it includes some movements we don’t normally do.

Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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