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Koko Tekken-den TOUGH Workout #1: Kiichi’s Basic Training

This is a really good manga for anyone interested in the martial arts. It’s sort of a less serious Grappler Baki, but is great because the author really likes to draw grappling situations, which is not often found in manga. The training that we see Kiichi doing toward the beginning portion of the series is simple, but can be taken to extremes.

Kiichi’s Basic Training


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1. Run 1 Mile
2. Handwalk 100 Yards
3. 50 Fingertip Push-ups
4. 10 Minutes Bagwork
5. 5 Minutes Mixed Sparring


1. Run 3 Miles
2. Handwalk on Fingertips 25 yards
3. Handwalk 75 Yards
4. 15 Minutes Bagwork
5. 2 x 5 Minutes Mixed Sparring


1. Run 5 Miles
2. Handwalk up 100 Steps
3. Handwalk on Fingertips 50 Yards
4. 15 Minutes Bagwork
5. 3 x 5 Minutes Mixed Sparring


1. Run 5 Miles with 20lb weighted vest
2. Handwalk up 100 steps on fingertips*
3. 15 Minutes Bagwork
4. 5 x 5 Minutes Mixed Sparring


  • For the handwalking, you need to be able to complete the whole 100 yards without fail before you can move to the next level. Same for all the other levels. You can’t advance if you fall even once.
  • Handwalking on your fingertips is going to be brutal. This will take you a long, long time, so that’s why the 50 Fingertip Push-ups are there for the first level. You need to do those all at once, also. I’m serious when I say it will take a long time. Eventually, when you are on the last level, if you are able to walk the 100 steps without falling, you can attempt to use less fingers, until you are just using your thumb and forefinger.
  • For mixed sparring, I recommend MMA gloves or practice MMA gloves (more padding), so you can strike while grappling. I recommend going light on contact, especially at first, just because things can get out of hand in a hurry with mixed sparring. If you’re going full contact, wear more gear, like shin guards, elbow pads and such.
  • I don’t recommend a backpack in substitution for the weighted vest, because you should have a fairly even and centered distribution of the weight. You can start at less than 20lbs, of course.

That’s all for today. Hope you guys enjoy this one! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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