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Korin-sama’s Training

At the top of a tall tower, below Kami’s Palace, lives the “God of Martial Arts.” He’s strong. He can read minds. He’s also a cat. Goku climbs Korin’s Tower in order to retrieve the “Holy Water,” which is supposed to make the person who drinks it super strong. It takes Goku a full day of climbing, even with his incredible strength and speed, to reach the top. Once he gets to the top, Korin informs him that he can drink the Holy Water only if he can grab it from the Cat Hermit. Goku fails repeatedly, learning that it took Muten Roshi 3 full years to grab the Holy Water from Korin. Goku eats a Senzu from Korin, restoring his strength, allowing him to continue trying for the Water.

After Goku fails to grab the Holy Water, Korin takes Goku’s Dragon Ball and throws it out of the Tower, forcing Goku to climb down to get it and then climb all the way back up. This time, however, it only takes the young warrior 3 hours to climb down and back up. Eventually, after 3 days of trying, Goku is able to grab the Holy Water. It is then that Korin reveals that it is just ordinary water and that the training of climbing the Tower and trying to grab the Water from Korin is actually the true secret of strength.

This workout is based on the training methods employed by Korin. It is slightly modified, because climbing Korin’s tower is nearly a human impossibility due to the fact that you would need to eat and sleep during the journey and it would take you far more than a day of climbing to reach the top. Given Goku’s strength and speed, it’s a good indication that it would probably take an in-shape human being 3-5 days of continuous climbing to reach the top of the tower– a feat of unimaginable endurance.

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Korin-sama’s Training 

  1. 30 Minutes Climbing
  2. 15 Minutes “Grab the Water”
AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
  • For the climbing, it is best if you used a rock wall or a tree. Please use proper safety equipment and supervision. If you fall, that doesn’t mean you are done. Climb for the allotted time. 
  • “Grab the Water” is an open concept. Mark off a circle with about a 40ft diameter. Get a training partner or two (or three).You can play tag, chase the partner(s) while they wear a flag that you have to grab. Chasing multiple people will mimic the sheer speed of Korin. You don’t stop when you tag your partners or grab the flags, because you have to train for the whole time period. If you catch your partner(s), you should rotate who is “Goku” and who is “Korin.” 
  • The AMRAP is limited by two things: You and your partners’ ability to continue and the amount of time you have to train. Obviously, if you only have an hour to train, you’ll only get through one cycle and through half the climb, before you have to stop. 
  • The combination of climbing and sprinting, agility work, and maybe jumping will increase your strength, speed, and reaction time. Especially if you’re using the flags, since you can’t just get away with touching your training partner, but you’ll actually have to grab something. 
How many people visit Korin just to say, “Hi.”?
Poor kitty.

I really love this workout. Didn’t think I’d like Korin’s training that much, but it’s in line with the spirit of most of the Dragon Ball workouts (i.e.- Do a really hard thing for an extended period of time.).
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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