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Krillin Trains for the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai

After Goku and the gang part ways, Krillin and Yamcha go back to train with Master Roshi. They are shown carrying milk, performing training that Krillin is already familiar with. I can’t imagine that this was all Krillin did to prepare for the 22nd Budokai. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that since Krillin had already undergone Roshi’s tutelage, that he insisted that the young warrior branch out and train on his own.

We see Krillin do a few different exercises on a couple of different occasions and that, my friends, is the perfect opportunity to make a Real Anime Training workout.

Short and frequently useless… but still stronger than you.

Krillin Trains for the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai (Please read all notes)

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Workout A

  1. Sled Push- 15 Meters
  2. Bench Press- 135# x 10 Reps 

–5 Rounds

Workout B

  1. MAX Reps Push-ups
  2. Swim 1600 Meters 
  3. MAX Reps Push-ups
  • Remember to warm-up before and cool down and stretch after!!
  • These workouts are not meant to be followed as a program and should be included with other training. One these workouts on one day, then another on another day, and something else entirely on another. At the very least, The Turtle Hermit’s Training should suffice. 
  • For the sled push, your goal should be to add weight to the sled on every set and every workout, even if it’s just a couple of pounds. If you get to the point where you can’t push the sled, drop back 10 or 20 pounds and make the climb again. 
  • The bench press is an interesting situation, because if you are able to complete the workout doing all 10 reps of 135# on every round, then you have 2 options: you may either increase the weight 5# for all five rounds or add a repetition to each set. If you added 5#, it would be 140# x 10 Reps x 5 Rounds. If you added a rep, it would be 135# x 11 Reps x 5 Rounds. In this way, you are making strength or endurance gains every time you do the workout. If you fail to do all of the listed reps at the listed weight for all five rounds, you will stay at the weight and reps you had for that attempt. 
  • In the second workout, your first set of push-ups will obviously be more than your second set of push-ups. Take note of the maximum number of reps you do on the first set the first time you do this workout.  As you improve, when your second set of push-ups becomes equal to that very first set of push-ups you did, it’s time to increase increase the difficulty by wearing a weighted vest or having plates on your back. Add 5# every time you do this. 
  • As an example, your first attempt at this workout might yield 55 reps of push-ups for the first set and 25 reps on the second set. (55 is our goal now) Your  second workout might yield 62 push-ups in the first set and 30 push-ups on the second set. That means you aren’t ready to add weight yet. Now, let’s say on your fifth attempt at this workout, your push-ups are 81 for the first set and 56 for the second set. That means you will do the next workout while wearing an additional 5# on your upper body. You will then start the process over with a new baseline determined during this first weighted workout. 
  • On the swimming, if you have to stop short or break it up into sets, that’s perfectly fine. Just do your best. After a while, when you are able to complete the distance without stopping, change up your workouts. One workout, you might wear a weighted belt (start very light); another workout might have you pulling a boat behind you (will have to be in a pond of some sort for this one); and yet another one might be you attempting to carry something while swimming. And, again, please use a lifeguard or a friend who can swim to spot you. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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