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Kung Fu Training Book and Training Camp

Hey, guys!

A friend of mine has had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time in China training with a Taiji Master named Master Zhang. In his studies, he’s learned a lot of really interesting things and Master Zhang has put a lot of that into a new book, which I find extraordinarily interesting.

First of all, anyone who reads this blog knows that I love fighting, training, MMA, traditional martial arts, getting punched in the face (etc.) and it seems like I’m not the only one. Master Zhang’s book is called “How to Win Your First MMA Fight” and it is filled with the combative knowledge of a man who loves all of the things I’ve listed above (although, I’m not sure how often he gets punched in the face…) and has a treasure trove of experience in the martial arts.

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So, if you guys are interested, here’s the link to the book:
“How to Win Your First MMA Fight”

If you’re considering getting into MMA or if you are just curious about what goes through the mind of a Kung Fu Master, I would really recommend this book.

(End of commercial– No, but seriously, check it out!)


In related news, Master Zhang and two other Kung Fu masters are planning a special training camp in China. You can find the details here. Essentially, the breakdown is that the students will train full-time for about three months and then enter some form of combat martial arts competition. The idea is to hearken back to the badass days of Kung Fu.

It’s supposed to be intense and it’s an amazing opportunity! If you think about it, in terms of hours, it’s the equivalent of spending three nights a week at a local martial arts school for two and a half years. That’s pretty hardcore. Plus, you get to go to CHINA! If you’re going to learn Kung Fu– there’s not really much of a better place to go, right?

Check out the above links and certainly check out the rest of James’ blog. Also, leave a comment with your thoughts about the training camp.

That’s all for today, guys! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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