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Luffy, the Rubber Man

This is a general workout for Luffy to emulate his flexibility and mobility. It’s not necessarily anything he would have done, but more of a workout to help you attain a greater level of stretchy-powers. You can do this workout by itself or even before/after another workout as a supplement to your mobility.

He’s really, really stretchy.

Luffy, the Rubber Man

Foam Rolling

  1. Length of Spine- 30 seconds
  2. Glutes/Lower Back- 30 Seconds
  3. Glutes/Hip Abductors- 30 Seconds Each Side
  4. Hamstrings/Hip Adductors- 30 Seconds Each Side
  5. Quads/Hip Abductors- 30 Seconds Each Side
  6. Calves- 30 Seconds Each Side
  7. Outside of Lower Leg- 30 Seconds Each Side
  8. Chest- 30 Seconds
  9. Lateral Delts- 30 Seconds Each Side
  10. Upper Spine/Shoulders- 30 Seconds
General Stretching (1-2 Minutes/stretch)
  1. Anterior Hip Stretch
  2. Posterior Capsule Stretch
  3. External Rotation Hip Stretch
  4. Squat Stretch- Squat down, driving your knees out, sitting as low as you can.
  5. Straight-Leg Kicking- Put one leg back, keeping it straight. Swing that leg up in front of you as high as you can, but don’t hurt yourself. Ease yourself into the movement. 
  6. Side-to-side Leg Swinging- Brace yourself against something, with one leg forward and one leg back. With the forward leg, swing the leg to the left and right of your body, allowing it to open up your hip. 
  7. Seated Turn Stretch- With one leg extended, place the opposite foot on the outside of the knee of the extended leg. Then place your opposite elbow against that knee, brace your other hand against the ground, and turn as far as you can.
Range of Motion Exercises
  1. 10 Pass-Throughs
  2. 10 Squats w/3 Second Pause at the Bottom
  3. 10 Wall Walks
  4. 10 Reverse Push-ups
  5. 10 Hindu Push-ups
  6. 10 Dowel Twists
  7. 10 Front-to-Back Arm Swings
  • If you are really looking to increase your flexibility and mobility, start this workout with the Real Anime Training Warm-up and end it with the Real Anime Training Stretching Routine
  • Pass-Throughs are when you hold a wooden dowel or PVC pipe in your hands, with a wide grip, and reach overhead and then behind you as far as you can. As you get more mobile, you can move your hands in closer on the stick or pipe.
  • Make sure that when you squat, that your are keeping tension in your abdominals and driving your knees out to the side. This should help you get deeper in the squat and you should feel a stretch in your groin. 
  • Dowel Twists bring back the dowel from the pass-throughs. You’ll hold it on your back, like you would for a back squat and then twist at the waist in both directions. If you need to, make sure that you twist easily at first. 
  • All the rest of the exercises have been previously shown. Use the search function if you need an explanation. 
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