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Luffy’s New World Training (One Piece)

After the showdown at the end of the Marineford Arc, Luffy and the others go off a two year training journey, each to different locations. Luffy trains in the wilderness with the help of Rayleigh, attaining new levels of power and ability by mastering his Haki. This workout is based on that training time.

Luffy’s New World Training

Strength and Conditioning
  1. Heavy Stone Lifts- 10 Reps
  2. Heavy Stone Carry- 100 Meters
  3. Muscle-ups- MAX REPS
  4. 100 Meter Sprint
  5. Full Power Push-ups- MAX REPS
  6. 100 Meter Sprint
  7. High Jump Squats- MAX REPS
  8. 100 Meter Sprint
  9. Long Jump Squats- MAX REPS
  10. 100 Meter Sprint
  11. Heavy Stone Lifts- 10 Reps
  12. Heavy Stone Carry- 100 Meters
Combat Skills
  1. Full Power Striking to Heavy Bag- 3 x 1 Minute Rounds
  2. All-out Heavy Bag- 3 x 1 Minute Rounds
  3. Stick Dodging- 5 Minutes
  4. Tennis Ball Dodging- 5 Minutes
  5. Target Practice – 5 Minutes
  6. Sparring- 3 x 5 Minutes
  • For the stone lifts and the stone carry, you’ll try to lift whatever stone you have as high as you possibly can, with the eventual goal being locking the weight out directly overhead. The heavier the stone or weight is the less likely you will be to raise it to full lockout and that’s okay. We’re looking for a weight that’s very heavy to begin with so you can gradually build up your strength over time. During the stone carry, you may carry the stone or weight however is most comfortable for you. 
  • For stick dodging you will need some sort of padded stick, or you can actually use a real stick if you are okay with getting hit (not really recommended, but I can’t stop some people). All of the strikes will be swings, so do not have your partner thrust at you. The swings will come down or across and will be aimed at the head, in which case you will either move your head to the left or right or duck. Please, please, please begin slowly.
  • For target practice, you can use a speed bag, focus mitts, a tennis ball hanging from a string, several tennis balls thrown at you, a double end bag or anything else that is difficult to strike. You’ll want to throw as many types of strikes at the particular target as possible. 
  • For sparring, you can go against one or multiple opponents, but if you are new to sparring, please go slow and hit softer. You will want to use gear, such as headgear, a mouthpiece, a cup, gloves, and shin guards in order to protect yourself during sparring. The main purpose of sparring is skill development. This is no time to get injured. 
Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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