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Maito Gai’s Basic Training

Before Rock Lee was the king of training, Maito Gai paved the way with his self-rule and devotion to Taijutsu. His father, though not a strong ninja, imparted to Gai the importance of hard work and effort and with very little talent, the young boy grew into the rival of the genius Kakashi.

Somebody had to be this awesome.
Guess it’s me.

This workout is based on the training that we see Gai doing during flashbacks. As in everything, know your own body and stop if you have to.  You can always make the workout easier!

Maito Gai’s Basic Training

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  1. Run 10km
  2. Handwalk 500 Meters
  3. 500+ Push-ups/Fingertip Push-ups 
  4. One Leg Forward Hops- 100 Meters Each Side
  5. Wall Sit- 5 Sets for MAX Time
  6. Double Lateral Hops- 100 Each Side
  7. 500 Punches to Striking Post/Heavy Bag
  8. 500 Kicks to Striking Post/Heavy Bag
  • Do the workout in this order with 3-5 minutes rest in between each exercise. This workout will take you a few hours, so make sure you have water, electrolytes, and carbs to get you through it. Eat a good meal about two hours before you start training. Eat well after. 
  • Feel free to scale this back, as it is quite a bit of volume. Try a quarter of the distances and reps at first and then work your way up. If that’s too much, try 1/10th of distances and reps. 
  • You may choose to use the concept of the Self-Imposed Rule during this workout. If you feel as though you may be coming close to a Personal Record on a particular exercise, but you are not sure if you can complete it, that would be a good time to challenge yourself. You can add it directly after whatever exercise you’re doing or you can tack it on to the end of this workout.
  • Vary your course on your run. Run on flats sometimes, run on trails, run on roads, run up hills. Make it different. 
  • For the handwalking, it is very unlikely that you will be able to do all 500 meters of it in one go (at least not for a very long time).  Break it up as much as you need and remember that you can scale the whole workout back if you need to. 
  • On the push-ups, you should try to do as many as you can before you fail. Getting 500 push-ups is one set is going to be very, very hard, so you can try to break it up into as many sets as you need. You can mix up the push-ups between normal and fingertip as you like. If you ever get to be able to do 500 normal push-ups in one set add a total of 500 fingertip push-ups following the completion of the 500 normal push-ups for a total of 1,000 push-ups. 
  • One Leg Forward Hops are pretty simple. Stand on one foot and hop forward for the listed distance. Switch sides and repeat. 
  • For the wall sit, your hand can be behind your head, crossed over your chest, or held out in front of you. Your thighs must maintain 90 degrees the entire time. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets. 
  • For Double Lateral Hops, you’ll get in a slightly lowered stance with your feet a little wider than shoulder width. Use on leg to push off to one side two times and then immediately spring off in the other directions twice. That will be 1 rep on each side. 
  • With at least hand wraps on, hit a heavy bag or a striking post with 500 total punches and then 500 total kicks. 
That’s all for today! Good luck and train hard!

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