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Maito Gai’s Handstand Training

Maito Gai is one of the strongest Jounin in Konoha. He imposes strict training on himself at all times and, if he fails at something, he pays for it by undergoing additional training. When he lost at Rock-Paper-Scissors to Kakashi, he said that he would walk around the village 500 times on his hands, because the training may help him not fail next time, whenever another challenge arises.

You should see what he does when loses at poker. 
Sounds like a plan.
Maito Gai’s Handstand Training

  1. Phase 1: Walk 100 Meters on Hands in a 8 Hour Period
  2. Phase 2: Walk 500 Meters on Hands in a 8 Hour Period
  3. Phase 3: Walk 1,000 Meters on Hands in a 8 Hour Period
  4. Phase 4: Walk 2,500 Meters on Hands in a 8 Hour Period
  5. Phase 5: Walk 5,000 Meters on Hands in a 8 Hour Period


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  • Walking on your hands is hard at first. You might not even be able to stay up long enough to move toward the beginning, so you’ll just have to practice getting up into the handstand. You may need a mat or very soft grass to fall on during this time, so please be aware of that. 
  • A football field or other flat, grassy area are generally good places to do handwalking.
  • You may want to invest in some gloves if you are not interested in building callouses on your hands.
  • Try to walk the distance in as few sets as possible, but if you are unable to walk on your hands for the entire length, that’s okay. However, try to do the sets in distances no smaller than 10 Meters. If you can’t cover 10 Meters without falling, you’ll need to redo that section. 
  • Do not advance to the next phase of the training until you can complete your current phase on three separate occasions, holding to the “at least 10 Meters without falling” protocol mentioned before. 
  • The later workouts may take you a long time, so you will want to set aside the appropriate time for them.
  • The final phase is actually the world record that was set in 2002, according to Guinness World Records, so good luck with that!
  • After becoming very good at this kind of training, your shoulders, triceps, core, and balance will be on a completely different level from before. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

There you go, Lee.

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  • ad98 says:

    Hey seems like I have a lot of work to build up to this one my handstands are terrible
    Also I was hoping you could tell me what manga your reading at the minute

  • Stephen Ross says:

    Keep at it! You'll get there. I used to be absolutely horrible with handwalking… now I'm just okay. Haha! But you CAN get better with practice!

    Also, I'm reading Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, HSDK, Vinland Saga, Shigeki no Kyoujin, Yawara, God of High School, The Breaker: New Waves, Gamaran, Garouden, Hunter X Hunter, Hajime no Ippo, Berserk, Osu!! Karatebu, and Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru… good God, that's a lot of manga now that I write it out.

    The ones that I'm not caught up on are Hunter X Hunter, the God of High School, Yawara, and Osu!! Karatebu.

  • ad98 says:

    Is it possible you could do character workouts for the KSKM cast I'd love to see a Mutou Hamada or Ryuu workout

  • Stephen Ross says:

    Yeah, I can certainly do that. I'll have to think about specific training that each of them would do. Honestly, Mutou would probably be the easiest to do. I'll put it on my big-ass list of workouts and stuff that I need to do!

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