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Makunouchi Ippo’s “Fishing Boat” Workout

Build strength and stamina the way Makunouchi Ippo did BEFORE he ever got into boxing.
This is a great workout to help you build strength that will last for a long time.

Ippo was already in shape before he began his boxing journey. His strength and stamina were cultivated in his daily work at his family's fishing business. Makunouchi's leg strength and balance were built by loading and carrying heavy coolers of ice for his fishing customers and by standing on a moving boat.

This workout is designed to mimic the type of training that Ippo endured during this time. The strength we will build with this last you a good long time. Just be careful, understand?

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Do this in the early morning, before any Roadwork

  1. Farmer's Carry- 25 Meters x 10 Sets
  2. Pull-ups- MAX Reps
  3. DB Bent Over Row- 10 Reps (same weights as Farmer's Carry)
  4. Back Squat OR Front Squat- 10 Reps (use choice for remainder of workout)
  5. Barbell Weighted Carry- 100 Meters
  6. Barbell Weighted Walking Lunges- 10 Reps each side
  7. Dumbbell Deadlift- 10 Reps (same weights as Farmer's Carry)


  • This workout is to mimic loading and carrying the coolers for the Makunouchi Fishing Boat.
  • The farmer's carries should start off at a relatively light weight and you should gradually add weight over the course of many workouts. For this workout, you'll want to add weight only when you are able to do all 10 sets of Farmer's Carry with the same weight with about 1 minute rest in between sets. 
  • For the squats, you can unrack the weight from the squat rack or you can clean it into position (with as push press to get it to your back for the back squats.) The weight will be less than your 10 Rep Max, so that you are able to control the weight throughout the remainder of the workout. Make sure your form is good and get as deep in the squat as possible. 
  • For the weighted carry, make sure that you keep your core tight and your steps sure so you don't slip or trip on anything. Try to do this in an area that is uncluttered and uncrowded. 
  • With the same weight as the squats and the carries, you'll perform 10 walking lunges on each leg before putting the weight down or re-racking it. 
  • The same weights will be used for the DB Deadlifts as for the Farmer's Carry. The weights will be in front of you or right beside your legs. Break your hips back and squat down to the weights. Drive your hips forward and heels through the floor to lift the weights.  Repeat for 10 reps to end the workout. 
  • It is best to start light, especially if you are doing this workout in conjunction with other Ippo workouts or as part of the Hajime no Ippo Training Program.


That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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