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MLP:FiM- Fluttershy’s Training

When Rainbow Dash needs every ounce of wing power to make a tornado strong enough to pull water into the sky to make clouds, Fluttershy finds that her wing power is a little lacking. She pulls a measly .5 wing power, when most of the other ponies are closer to 10.  Being very sensitive, Fluttershy does not perform well in front of other, on top of not being very strong. Fortunately for her, the woodland animals help her train for the project. This workout is based on that training sequence.
MLP:FiM- Fluttershy’s Training

  1. 20 Push-ups
  2. Tire/Sled Pull- 50 Yards @ 25#
  3. Sprint 100 Yards
–3 Rounds
  1. 20 Push-ups w/5# Weighted Vest or Backpack
  2. Tire/Sled Pull- 50 Yards @ 50#
  3. Sprint 100 Yards
–3 Rounds
  1. 20 Push-ups w/10# Weighted Vest or Backpack
  2. Tire/Sled Pull- 50 Yards @ 100#
  3. Sprint 100 Yards
–3 Rounds
  1. 20 Push-ups w/20# Weighted Vest or Backpack
  2. Tire/Sled Pull- 50 Yards @ 200#
  3. Sprint 100 Yards
–3 to 5 Rounds
  • The Tire/Sled Pull can be a forward pull, a reverse pull, and even a bear crawl pull. If you’d like, you can wait until the final level to start doing different kinds of pulls. 25 pounds is about the weight of a new car tire (you might have to add 5 pounds), just for the reference. So, if you don’t have a big tire to pull for the later levels, you can just add additional car tires. Also, if you just have a weight sled, like from a power lifting gym, that works too. You can find a tire pull demo on our YouTube page.
  • The sprint is all out. If you’re tired from the tire pull, take a second if you need to, but try to just go right away. It doesn’t matter if your all out ends up just being a slow run or a jog, just DO IT!
  • On the final level, I give the option of adding some additional rounds, if your fitness increases that far. You can also add additional weight to the vest or tire. 
  • If anyone has anything to say about Real Anime Training doing a My Little Pony workout, I’ll kindly direct you to this man. (Because it’s mostly his fault.)
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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