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Mutsu Enmei-ryu Training- Part 1 (Shura no Toki)

Hey guys, sorry this is taking so long. But due to the internet connection at my current location I am unable to accurately review the anime “Shura no Toki.” I have watched this anime from beginning to end twice already but I wanted to through it and analyze and create the training from fight to fight since there is no true training in this anime only kick ass martial arts. But I have come up with a basic sense of what one must do to get their body in shape to master the “Mutsu Enmei-ryu.” Or at least imitate the hell out of it enough to be plausible for real life. There are three basics to the martial art used by the three main characters of “Shura no Toki.” They are;
1. Strength
2. Speed/precision
3. Crazy ass agility/flexibility

To achieve each of these I created an easy self-paced training regimen.
To gain Strength:
1. Push-ups (as many as you can both first thing in the morning and in the evening) Every so often add up to this.
2. Sit-ups (same as above)
3. Body weight squats (do as many as you can when you do your main work out for the day).
4. Punches (goal of 1,000 per hand) Separate them into 1/4 jabs, 1/4 uppercuts, 1/4 regular punches, 1/4 elbow strikes
5. Kicks (goal of 1,000 per leg) Separate them into 1/4 front kicks, 1/4 side kicks, 1/4 roundhouse kicks, 1/4 hook kicks
6. Chin-ups (as many as possible)
7. Leg-raises (as many as possible)
8. Thrust kicks (as many as possible) *get into the sit-up position with your torso halfway between all the way up and laying down and hold it that way. While in this position bring your feet off the ground and your knees to your chest and kick out and bring them back in (both legs simultaneously) without either your torso or legs touching the ground.
*Note – when doing punches and kicks for strength do not worry about speed only about putting as much power into them as possible.

To gain Speed/precision:
1. Run (run as far as you can to find your limit and make that your goal until it becomes easy, after that time move up the length by 1 mile) *note – this should also build up stamina which is essential in all martial arts.
2. Create a target and punch and kick that as many times as possible until you can hit where you want every time. Once that is accomplished make sure that the target moves slightly and then more and more once you become comfortable with each amount.
3. Punches (goal of 200 per hand) Just do regular punches as fast as you can and stretch the arms as much as possible when punching.
4. Kicks (goal of 200 per leg) Do front kicks as fast as you can.
*note – When doing kicks and punches for the speed/precision do not worry about power only speed.
5. Jump Rope for as long as you can.

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To gain crazy ass agility/flexibility:
1. Stretch before every workout. Try to be able to do splits for your legs to both go in front and behind as well as to both sides. The more flexible you are the better off you will be.
2. Stand on one leg as long as you can with one of your other legs stretched out as far as it can as if you were doing a side kick for as long as you can without falling. Do this with both legs as many times as possible.
3. Become able to do both hand stands and walk on your hands.
4. Get an object that you are able to jump over and jump over it from side to side until you can not jump anymore.

This is what I have for now. This is to help you get into shape for the moves that will be added later on.

In Shura no Toki part II I will include: reflexes, techniques, and more high quality workouts.

*Note – you do not have to do this all at once. I do not expect anyone to go out and punch 1,000 times with each hand on the first day. That is your goal to work up to. If you want to you can raise the goal or lower it. It was just a number I came up with. And you don’t have to do each section each day, but before you work out and after remember to stretch! And keep yourself hydrated.

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    Definitely a fan of the blog… I love both fitness, anime, and training montages, so I both take inspiration from the training and use this site to find new anime. I guess I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

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    Thanks a lot! I appreciate the encouragement!

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    Gonna need that Part 2 soon man, can’t be a complete bad ass without all the bad ass training

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