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My Favorite 10 Sailor Moon Youma

I have always been a big fan of all the various monsters sent out in Sailor Moon and how bizarre and creepy they can be. These are my favorite ten youma, the monsters sent out by the Dark Kingdom in season one. They are based on personality, creep factor, ability, and interaction with the “good guys”. Don’t see your favorite on the list? Comment below and tell us yours!

10. Boxy

Boxy is one of the Seven Great Youma, the youma who were already reincarnated into human beings, humans who didn’t know that they held these monstrous beings inside of them. It became Zoisite’s duty to recover them to serve the Dark Kingdom.

Boxy makes my list just because he’s so wonderfully absurd.

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That’s right. I’m a boxer and an angel.

9. Derella

Derella is a half-dressed, ice queen-looking, bitch sent by Jadeite to absorb the energy of eager young starlets looking to find their fame in a local talent show.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

She is not, however, an ice queen, but, instead, a glass….queen… She uses a spitting ability to immobilize a famous singer so she can steal her identity. From this position, she gathers students, police men, and anyone who will listen to her hypnotic powers to try out for her special talent show, the winner of which, will be a star! Luring in helpless victims in this manner, she and her master Jadeite, intend to steal great deals of energy for the dark kingdom.

Spitting streams of glass? No wonder she’s screaming!

Derella makes spot 9 on my list because of her snarky attitude, her creepy spit powers, oh, and because of this.

I’m not sure glass is supposed to do that.

8. Rikoukeidar

Another Rainbow Crystal inhabitant, Rikoukeidar was one of the Seven Great Youma, like Boxy, but, is far more terrifying in ability. In addition to dodging explosions, the Sailor Scouts had to avoid their own attacks thrown back at them because of this youma’s abilities. That’s never a good day, in any anime.

Not too hard on the eyes though, you know, for a green lady.

7. Petasos

Petasos is one pissed off version of Mother Nature who is infuriated that man is destroying the world in the way that he is. Nephrite uses her to take up residence in the hat of a saddened, old, man who will soon have to give up his job tending to the gardens of a beautiful park, because the city intends to build a mall over it. She grows his bitterness until his peak, using his energy to explode into her true form and wreak havoc in the name of the Dark Kingdom.

Even her hair is angry with you.

In addition to having way cooler hair than I’ll ever have, Petasos makes the seventh spot in my list because she has the ability to control nature itself to her will.

Now I’m jealous of her powers and her hair.

6. Cameran

Cameran (I love the pun names, I really do) is a youma placed by Nephrite in the camera of a talented young photographer who was beginning to worry he had lost his passion for the art. She drove him into a frenzy of desperately trying to photograph as many beautiful, young women as possible, when, previously, he had only taken pictures of nature. Once his energy had reached its peak, she burst forward in her true form.

Those shoulders though.

As if her physical structure wasn’t unsettling enough as it is, her frenzy for capturing the energy of others was done in a manner that was horrifying to say the least. She uses an eyeball inside of her hand, along with a brilliant light, to capture people inside of pictures, where, if it weren’t for Sailor Moon, they’d be trapped for eternity. Her unnerving physical form and abilities are why I think she’s deserves a spot in my top ten favorite youma.

People forget how fucking creepy Sailor Moon can be.

5. Bakene

In the most adorable little love story between a rather plump Earth cat and his crush on Luna, Sailor Moon’s cat from the moon kingdom, Rhett Butler (yes, the cat’s name is Rhett Butler) discovers that he, too, is the holder of a Rainbow Crystal, and thus, one of the Seven Great Youma.

Now, try not to judge me too hard here, but…kitties.

Isn’t he just the cuddliest little thing?

4. Jumeau

In my previous writing, I wrote about the episode with Usagi’s little brother Shingo and his friend Mika. In that same episode is a wonderfully creepy youma named Jumeau. In addition to throwing evil porcelain dolls flying at her enemies


3. Castor and Pollux

Yes, I realized I listed two names. These two are a package deal. Nephrite implanted these two in a young, competitive artist. Driven by the drive implanted in her by their dark energy to be the best, she reached her peak point, drawing Castor and Pollux into the world to sap her of her energy for the Dark Kingdom.
I seriously adore this character design.
I personally have a weakness for a good duo that shows some sort of duality or symmetry. The two worked together to “mimic” Sailor Scout attacks in this beautiful dance of working together. I am just a sucker for stuff like that.
2. Shakoukai
This. Youma. Kills me. She was absolutely hysterical. In the episode featuring Shakoukai, a prominent etiquette school opens up to lure Sailor Moon out of hiding. Since she’s known as unbearably clumsy and unrefined. When Shakoukai believes she’s finally figured out who Sailor Moon is, she appears, clad in various shells, looking rather elegant. However, she has a strange sort of stupidity about her. She’s so wrapped up in grammar and proper formality, that she’s easily outraged or distracted, which Sailor Moon uses to her advantage. Pair her amazing character design with this irresistible humor and I just can’t get enough of watching her exasperation with Sailor Moon!
If only tea solved all our problems.
1. Murid
This one is my favorite! We made it to the top of the list! If I ever get the opportunity, I’d truly love to cosplay as her because her character design is phenomenal. Personality wise her character goes from the epitome of unbearably precious to the most wonderfully creepy incarnation of evil. Let’s do a before and after, shall we?
In addition to this character design and personality switching that I am just in love with, she has the ability to control your “dreams”. Not sleepy-time dreams, but those precious thoughts we hold dear in our hearts and hope to come true; that’s what she uses to turn against us, using hallucinations sent forth from her control of her dark apple.
Snow White and the Evil Queen wrapped up in one creepy doll.
Now, there are tons of monsters of various kinds throughout the Sailor Moon series. These were only my favorite from season one. Comment with your favorite Sailor Moon monsters from any season! Ever cosplayed as one or know someone who has? Share that with us too!

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