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Naruto Ninja Movement Workout

The Naruto Training Manual is going to go in a different direction than the other training manuals. The posts are going to be separated by characters or situations, instead of the recent plot-based manual. First things first, we’re going to start with ninjas in general. In Naruto, there is a lot of time taken up by running, jumping, and maneuvering around obstacles. There are a lot of modern day athletes (most of them amateurs) that do this all the time. Call them parkourists, freerunners, or just plain crazy, these hardcore athletes do some amazing feats.

The tricks and feats are dangerous and, I just wanna go ahead and say that you shouldn’t try them at home! If you do, please go slowly and learn as much about each thing before you attempt it. You can actually do the following training without any flips or crazy things, but it just makes it harder if you do it that way.
Naruto Ninja Movement
Run a 2 mile course or for 20 minutes. Run in as straight a line as possible, traversing the obstacles in your path as quickly as you can. This will require running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and possibly crawling and swimming. Of course, some obstacles will be impassable, but try before you give up. Be careful and, if something looks too dangerous, skip it or go around.
Until next time, train hard.
PS- If you don’t know what parkour or free running is– GOOGLE IT!
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    thanks! i'm absolutely loving these post's and i'm specificly likeing baki the grappler at the moment but this hajima no ippo looks pretty cool aswell. keep up the good work! (and just wondering if there was anymore dragonball z? i know there's only a limited amount you can say about it cos they pretty much do the same thing in there training only harder but if there where any more workouts, please, put them up.)

    and thanks again

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