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Rock Lee’s Conditioning

 Rock Lee’s Conditioning
(Note: Do not go up to the next level workout until you are able to complete your current level’s workout on three occasion without failing during any exercise.)
Beginner Level
1. 50 Push-ups
2. 50 Yard Handwalk
3. Jump Rope- 500 Times
4. 50 Straight Punches to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
5. 50 Roundhouse Kicks to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
6. 100 Squats
Pick One:
7. 5 x 50 Yard Sprints
8. 2 Sets of 90 Degree Sprints
Intermediate Level
1. 100 Push-ups
2. 100 Yard Handwalk
3. Jump Rope- 1000 Times
4. 100 Straight Punches to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
5. 100 Roundhouse Kicks to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
6. 200 Squats
Pick One:
7. 6 x 50 Yard Sprints
8. 3 Sets of 90 Degree Sprints
Advanced Level


1. 25 One Leg in Air Push-ups (Each Side) OR 150 Push-ups
2. 150 Yard Handwalk
3. Jump Rope- 1500 Times
4. 150 Straight Punches to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
5. 150 Roundhouse Kicks to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
6. 300 Squats
Pick One:
7. 8 x 50 Yard Sprints
8. 4 Sets of 90 Degree Sprints
Super Advanced Level


1. 25 One Arm Push-ups (Each Side) OR 250 Push-ups
2. 250 Yard Handwalk
3. Jump Rope- 2000 Times
4. 250 Straight Punches to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
5. 250 Roundhouse Kicks to Heavy Bag (Each Side)
6. 500 Squats
Pick One:
7. 10 x 50 Yard Sprints
8. 5 Sets of 90 Degree Sprints
Some Notes on the Workout:
  • Straight Punches means you can do any straight punch: a seiken punch from a horse or forward stance, a 1-2 combination, a forefist, or even a Wing Chun straight punch. Whatever!
  • Roundhouse kicks may be thrown from the lead or rear legs. If you want to do both, that’s cool. If you want to do just one, that’s fine, too. Just remember to do the left and the right sides.
  • The Handwalk will probably be the exercise that keeps you on a certain level the longest. What you can do (and it wouldn’t be considered cheating) is break up the longer distances into sets of 50 yards with a couple of minutes rest in between them. BUT, if you can pull off the 100, 150, or the 250 without your feet touching the ground, you have my applause.
  • You should not stop at all during your jump rope sessions. There are times your foot may catch, but don’t stop otherwise, or it doesn’t count toward a success.
  • One Leg in the Air Push-ups are just like they sound. Put one of your legs in the air and do a push-up. You’ll find that you are pushing more with the arm opposite the leg. Thus, we end up with almost a supported one arm push-up. It’s a good transition exercise and will help you bridge the gap between push-ups and one arm push-ups.
  • One Arm Push-ups are tough for two reasons: 1) You are pushing your bodyweight with one less limb and 2) You are having to balance a lot more. To help with this, spread your legs slightly for the exercise. Not too much, because it gives you too much extra help. About shoulder width or just a tiny bit more is acceptable. If you can pull that off, try with your feet closer together. There’s always so many ways to make exercises more difficult.
  • When squatting, you may do a “conventional squat,” where your feet are just about at shoulder width or a little wider or a “sumo squat,” where your feet are pointed at about a 45 degree angle away from your body and are wider than a conventional squat. Remember to breathe in when going down and out when coming up. If your thighs do not at least go parallel with the ground, your squats don’t count. You can hold your hands in front of you, behind your head, or cross them in front of your body. Just don’t rest on your knees.
  • After each set of sprints, walk the distance back to catch your breath for the next set.
  • 90 Degree Sprints are best done on a baseball diamond. You are essentially “running the bases.” We are using this as an option for the workout, because Rock Lee makes alot of quick turns when he is at top fighting speed. 1 Set of a 90 Degree Sprint is one lap around the diamond and back. Remember, this is a SPRINT– not a run or a jog. Go all out the whole time. After each set, rest until your breathing returns to just about normal before beginning the next set.
I know there was a lot of “do this, but don’t do that” in this workout, but I wanna make sure you guys are safe in your training. If you ever have any question about an exercise, feel free to ask in a comment, e-mail me at, or just look it up on the web.
Much like Ryo Narushima’s Basic Training, this workout takes into accoung the loooong term, so please try not to get over-eager and jump ahead in the levels, because you might injure yourself. Rock Lee didn’t know how to quit or rest, either and he ended up getting really hurt at one point, so take a lesson from the Green Beast of Konoha. Increase your workload gradually and make sure to get adequate rest, because the Lotus doesn’t bloom twice in the real world.
Thanks guys! Until next time, have fun and train hard!
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