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Naruto Training Program: Ninja Movement 2.0– The Challenge

Okay, so I’m liking training programs recently. It gives me something to post for you guys on a regular basis and there’s some cool stuff to be found. So, anyway…

The original Ninja Movement workout was pretty simple, as you can see here. However, in the spirit of taking it to the next level, I’ve decided to modify the workout into something a little different. That doesn’t mean that the other workout is out of the mix, just like in the instance of “Roshi’s Training” and “The Turtle Hermit’s Training.”  The difference is that this is more of a challenge.

This version of “Ninja Movement” is all about obstacle courses. The ability to cover distance and traverse obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner. What follows are the challenge requirements:

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Naruto: Ninja Movement 2.0

-Complete 3 Obstacle Races of 3-5 miles.
-Most mud runs, the Spartan Sprint, and the Warrior Dash are some examples.

-Complete Level One
-Complete 3 Obstacle Races of  5.1-9 miles.
-Tough Mudder and the Super Spartan are some examples.

-Complete Previous Levels
-Complete 3 Obstacle Races of 9.1-13 miles.
-An example would be the Spartan Beast.

-Complete Previous Levels
-Complete 3 Obstacle Races of 13.1+ miles
-An example would be some of the Spartan Beasts. You can sub out a very hilly trail run of at least 13.1 miles for one of your Obstacle Races, since these distances in races are fewer in number.

-Complete Previous Levels
-Complete an Obstacle Race of 20+ miles
-An example would be the new Super Spartan Beast Race or the Spartan Death Race.

– Complete Previous Levels
– Win an event at every level. (Can be at any time and wins do not have to be consecutive.)
  • This is, of course, not a workout.
  • In order complete each level of Ninja Movement, you should send an email to with your picture in it from race day and proof of your ranking in the run, whether listed online or on-site leaderboard. 
  • I’ll be posting Real Anime Training workouts that would be useful for training for the challenge, as well as creating Challenge-specific workouts (which, I guess, would still be Real Anime Training), and posting resources to obstacle course training websites. 
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  • Stephen Ross says:

    For every stage of Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) you can complete, you will receive an additional title, yet to be determined. Haha.

  • robisntdrunk says:

    Do you know what you can wear to these events? Like say if I wanted to wear a mask or gloves or something?

  • Stephen Ross says:

    Yeah, actually. At the mud run I was just in a couple of days ago, there was a team dressed up like the Justice League and, honestly, I would recommend wearing gloves, anyway.

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