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New Endeavor– Daily Training Updates

In the spirit of showing you that I’m not all talk. I’m going to start posting my daily training for you guys. Not sure if I’ll include commentary… maybe some days yes, some days no.  I don’t claim to be in amazing shape, so if you’re already past me in a certain workout or something, bravo!  Keep up the good work.

Daily Training Update- Day 1

1. 5 Minutes Heavy Bagwork on B.O.B. (Body Opponent Bag), no gloves.

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2. Kenichi’s Vacation Workout- Getting There
Concept 2 Rowing Machine on MAX difficulty 30 minutes non-stop.
-Total Distance (6056 Meters)

3. Random “Twin Lock” training throughout the day. (Reference Retsu Kaioh’s training)


  • Sore from past couple days of training, but overall, not too bad.
  • Tried to hit myself in the abs with the Rowing Machine’s handle on every stroke.
  • Slight blister on right hand from Rowing Machine.
  • Right thumb is slighty sore from catching it on focus mitts yesterday, but it hasn’t really affected my grip or ability to make a fist.

Let me know if you guys enjoy these updates along with our workouts and other things.

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