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Nishi’s Weight Loss Training (Ashita no Joe)

In Ashita no Joe, Nishi is Joe’s training partner and the only other member of Danpei’s gym. He starts out as an overweight boxer with a mediocre record and a penchant for midnight snacking. However, over time, he gets into the grind and really pushes himself, dropping weight and getting into a much better weight class, where he is able to shine. This workout is based on the training that we see Nishi do to drop weight.

“You mean I can’t eat two bowls of udon at midnight and lose weight?!”

Nishi’s Weight Loss Training

Do all three exercises in any order:

  1. Jump Rope- 30 Minutes
  2. Running- 30 Minutes
  3. Shadowboxing- 30 Minutes
  • This is a very simple workout, but it will really push your endurance. 
  • The good thing about this workout is that you can change it around to work yourself differently. Shadowboxing is a different experience after jumping rope and running, the same as pushing your run after the rope jumping and shadowboxing.
  • If you are out of shape, you can walk or do walk/jog intervals during the run and take short breaks in the jump rope and shadowboxing sessions. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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  • ad98 says:

    Nice workout I love how the Joe workouts are always but still effective.

    A while ago you mentioned doing something like personal character based training on your tumbler any news on that?

    Lastly I'd like to recommend some manga you might find some training in.
    Buyuden,Green Boy and Hakaiou Noritaka. The first two are boxing based and the third is mostly based on Muay Thai

  • Stephen Ross says:

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    And I will certainly be talking more about the personalized routines very soon! Glad to hear that you're interested!

  • irishjj27 says:

    I love this site! The workouts are simple, effective and can be done almost anywhere! I'm going to work on this with pushups, crunches and squats, we'll see if I drop some pounds!!

  • Stephen Ross says:

    Thanks so much! Good luck in your weight loss. I actually did something very similar to what you're talking about to make weight for my first fight.

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