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Of Manga Reads and Movie Reviews

Started reading a couple of really cool manga:

  • Veritas- It’s like an old martial arts movie with super powers. (Really recommend.)
  • The Breaker- Haven’t gotten very far, but it shows some promise. (I’ll let you know later.)
Also, I watched the live action version of Shamo. I was really excited about checking this movie out, because the manga is so badass. I’ve got mixed feelings about the movie, though. I feel like they tried to do too much in too short a time (which appears to be par for the course in the live action adaptations for manga that I’ve seen) and, in doing so, had to completely eliminate some characters or collapse the roles of those missing characters into existing characters. Unfortunately, when they combined the characters in this way, they really changed the core “feel” of some of the characters. Truthfully, the movie should have been twice as long to cover the material needed to not feel so rushed, especially toward the end. Once they got to the middle of the film, watching the movie was like looking at nearby stuff out the window of a car going 120 miles an hour.
I should have another post up for you guys sometime later in the day. Till then!
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