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Ogata Isshinsai’s General Strength and Conditioning

Ogata Isshinsai, often called Kensei, is a young member of the One Shadow, Nine Fists. He was previously the number one disciple of Ryouzanpaku and was trained by the Elder, Akisame, and Ma. He has mastered at least one of the Elder’s 108 secret techniques. Through his disciples, we’ve managed to see several of Ogata’s techniques and the skills that he possesses as a fighter. These workouts are based on the accumulation of everything seen of Kensei.

Ogata Isshinsai’s General Strength and Conditioning

-Run 3 Miles
-500 Yard Bear Crawl

4-6 Hours Later

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  1. Up and Down Hill Sprints- 5 x 50-100 Meters
  2. 50 Fingertip Push-ups+
  3. 50 High Jump Squats
  4. 50 Fingertip Pull-ups+
  5. 50 Box Jumps (Start at 18″)
  6. 50 40-100# Sandbag Overhead Toss
  7. 50 Depth Jumps (Start at 12″)
  8. 50 Sandbag Shoulder and Slams (25 each side)
  9. Pick 5 calisthenic exercises and perform 100 reps of each.
  • For up and down hill sprints, you sprint up a hill of 50-100 meters and then, when you get to the top, you immediately turn and sprint back down. You have to be careful sprinting downhill, so you can just jog at first, then run, then work up to a sprint. The steeper the hill, the better. This is training the ability Rimi used to run up and down a wall. 
  • On the fingertip push-ups and fingertip pull-ups, you’ll work up to doing 50 non-stop repetitions. Once you get to 50, then you’ll attempt 10 more without your pinky. After you accomplish that, you’ll do ten more without your ring finger. You’ll continue with this until you are just using your thumb. If you cannot complete 50 in one set, break it into as many sets as needed until you get to 50. 
  • For high jump squats, you will perform a jump squat, but attempt to jump as high as you possibly can on each rep. 
  • On the box jumps, you’ll jump both feet up on top of the box at the same time and stand-up completely before jumping or stepping off the box. 
  • For the sandbag toss, just toss the sandbag over your head as far as you can.
  • For a depth jump, you will stand atop a box and step off like you are walking off a plank. As your second foot leaves, it will square up with your first foot and you will land in a half squat position. 
  • For sandbag slams, you’ll pick the sandbag up, then using your a knee and your arms, place the bag on one shoulder and then slam it down. You can do all 25 on one side and switch to the other side OR you can alternate on each rep. 
  • I’ll leave a list of sample calisthenic exercises you can do here: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups, lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, handstand push-ups, dips, body weight rows, etc. You could also do one-limb versions of these exercises. This is an opportunity for you to build from previous training however you need to. 

That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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