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Ok, so I’m a slacker.

Yeah, I know I haven’t been posting. I’m a slacker. I wasn’t sure if anyone was actually reading, so I wasn’t really all that jazzed about putting the time in with school and training and home life to actually make workouts and things. However, now that I see that at least one person has an interest in the blog, I’ll be happy to be regular with it again. Heck, I’ll even start back with that person’s request: Grappler Baki.

Here’s what I’m planning:
1. Workouts based on several of the main characters training (or implied training).
2. An analysis of the styles and techniques presented in Grappler Baki and their real-world applications.

Let’s see how often we can get something up here, shall we?

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    noooo dont do that to your self your ideas are great keep em coming there great ideas ive gotten alot stronger from it plesae more keep it up

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