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On Strength

If there is anything that I will impress upon my children, it will be the value of strength. Of course, they will be well-educated and morally instructed (for, in my opinion, those are kinds of strength); however, what I am referring to here is pure, unadulterated physical ability.

Run faster, jump higher, hit harder, lift more and do more for longer.

Without strength, the virtues of mercy and kindness and forgiveness are merely wishes. If no man or woman is strong enough to stand and defend those ideals, they will pass away at the hand of someone who wields his might to conquer and destroy.

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If you lack the strength, there are those who will take that as an invitation to make theirs whatever it is you hold dear, be it territory, possession, or even your loved ones.

Frieza doesn’t want to hear about “being reasonable.”
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  • very true and well said but how can some posses the power of strength, and to make sure that the person does not go bad or end up being a bully. Even if he does understand the value…

  • Avatar Stephen Ross says:

    Those who seek to do evil will naturally desire strength (with their bodies, yes, but most often with weapons) to overcome the common man. I think the point is for those who are already good to acquire strength through training and to teach the next generation those same positive values and how to defend them.

    There is an old concept with kung fu that I like that relates here. You wouldn't teach someone who had poor morals and you instruct your students to be better people.

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