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One Punch Man Workout Master Post

Saitama’s Training (Video)
Superhero Registry Exam Workout

One-Punch Man Training Program

  2. Preparation for the One Punch Man Training Program
  3. Year One
  4. Year Two
  5. Year Three
Workouts will be added to this list as they are completed/I have time to add them.
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  • Avatar Sam says:

    none of the workout is accessible

    • John Duffy John Duffy says:

      The One-Punch Man Workout has been revised and improved and is now available on Real Anime Training Plus as a full-fledged eCourse. RAT+ is our new endeavor where members get lifetime access to courses like “S-Class” (the new name for the OPM program), “Origin Story,” and a lot more coming up. There’s also a full-fledged exercise demonstration library being developed, community forums, and health and fitness education modules.

      • Avatar Sam says:

        Do I have to pay for it now Bc I’m 12 weeks into the preparation weeks and I don’t have much money

  • Avatar Shalev says:

    The workout isnt available, is it a bug or we need to buy it?

  • Avatar The Boi says:

    Why do we have to pay for this now

    • John Duffy John Duffy says:

      It WAS premium content. But it’s been made available as a FREE Course now. Click the “Register” button on the top menu, and then check out the Fitness Courses page.

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