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OnePunch-Man: Superhero Registry Exam Workout

Saitama learns that he is not as famous as he would like to be since he is not listed in the National Superhero Registry, so he and Genos go to take the test head-on. There is a written portion and a physical capability portion. Genos scores perfect scores on both, but Saitama barely passes because of his written test. However, he crushes the physical portion, breaking every record the organization has. This workout is based on the Exam.

OnePunch-Man: Superhero Registry Exam Workout

  1. Side-to-Side Jumps- 30 Secs
  2. 1500 Meter Run
  3. Clean and Press- 1 Rep Max, 3 Attempts
  4. Squat High-Jumps- 50 Reps
  • This workout is more for testing than for training, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to train. 
  • Go all out on the 1500 Meter Run. If you are not used to running, take your time and just get used to the distance. 
  • If you aren’t used to the clean and press, or if you’ve never done a 1 Rep Max, I would recommend using a very light weight and focusing on technique for 12-15 reps.
  • On the squat high-jumps, you’ll focus on jumping as high as you possibly can for each of the repetitions. Squat down, jump high into the air, and land immediately back into another squat and repeat. You should not be standing back up in between reps. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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