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Balancing RAT workouts with traditional workouts?

So my current workout schedule is strength/weight training 3x/ week, and HIIT cardio 2x/week, with two rest days. My goals are to burn fat while building muscle. I want to be able to incorporate RAT workouts into my routine, but I have no idea how to. I go to a smaller gym with not too much room to run around or do circuits, so a good portion of the workouts on the site I can't do there, and I don't own weight equipment myself. Doing the workouts that don't require equipment is also iffy because I don't want to end up skimping out on my HIIT. Any advice? Thanks.

It's really hard to say, unless I know what your sessions entail.  Also, what RAT workouts are you thinking about incorporating?

My usual gym days are generally running, then 4 sets of 8-12 of upper body push, upper body pull, legs, then core, then some walking to cool down. My HIIT days are 8 sets of 30 sec sprinting, 30 sec walking, somewhat similar to phase 1 of the gravity room method.

The RAT workouts I am thinking about are Jack Hanma's weight training, Biscuit Olivia's training, and the rest of the gravity room method.