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READ FIRST: Welcome To The Forums!

Hey there, everybody! John Duffy here - your friendly neighborhood webmaster. I'm here to walk you through these forums and the rules about the forums.

These forums are designed to be a fun, open space where you can count on the community to help you out. I highly recommend that you start by going to the "Introductions" forum and creating a thread that explains a bit about yourself. Be sure to check your profile by clicking the "My Profile" button above. I HIGHLY recommend going to the "Story Arcs" forum and starting your own thread that will keep people updated on your training journey. Think of it as a journal that the community can read to keep up with you.

Now for the fun part: the rules. Let me say that while we want this to be an open, secure place, we need you to follow these rules to keep this place open and secure.

  1. Do not ever share, copy, or reproduce outside these forums information shared by other members on this forum. This is straight up illegalĀ around here.
  2. Do not harass or bully anyone here. We are all come from different walks of life and have different opinions on different things. Sharing these opinions are fine. Attacking someone for their opinions is not fine.
    • In today's world, saying anything hard that could hurt someone's feelings is often considered bullying or harassment. Not here. Sometimes, hard things need to be said. We are here to be encouraging to each other. As long as what you write to other people is written with the intent to help and not to hurt, you are in the clear.
  3. If you have a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, some other creative work, or some fitness related work, telling people about it in an appropriate thread is permitted. However, soliciting or promoting a product is not allowed. Please don't spam.
  4. Adult language. Okay, we are all adults here. But for the sake of keeping thing here friendly, please refrain from using adult language excessively.

As long as you follow these rules and heed the words of the moderators, you will be able to enjoy the forums! Thanks for being here.