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Random Training with James Shiba- Workout #2

Here’s the second workout! Sorry for the delay. I was without my computer for a few days.

Random Training with James Shiba- Workout #2 (Circuits and Intervals)

  • Run 3 Miles, with 7 Sprints Throughout
2-3 Hours Later
  1. Upper Body Push (See notes for examples of exercises in this workout)
  2. Abs
  3. Cardio
  4. Upper Body Pull
  5. Abs
  6. Cardio
  7. Legs
  8. Abs
  9. Cardio
  10. Multi-Joint Movement
  11. Abs
  12. Cardio
-30 Seconds per Exercise, 3-5 Rounds Total. (1-2 Minutes Rest Between Circuits). 
2 Hours Later

HIIT on one (30 Seconds All-out Effort, 30 Seconds Moderate Effort):
  • Heavy Bag Work
  • Mitt Work
  • Shadowboxing
(NOTE: There is no set round limit for High Intensity Interval Training, but most people should not be able to do more than 4 rounds of this without having to stop due to the all-out nature of the training. Highly conditioned people can handle more, but if you’re doing “HIIT” for 20 minutes, you’re not doing it right.)

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  • You’ll want to set up your circuit in advance in order to be able to transition through your exercises in time. It’s probably good to use only one or two pieces of equipment each time you do the workout, so stuff isn’t everywhere. One time you can use Barbells and Dumbbells and another you can use a Pull-up Bar and Dip Bar and, on another, Kettlebells and Sandbags. Be creative.
  • Upper Body Push would be things like various types of Push-ups, Dips, Handstand Push-ups, overhead presses, Bench Press, etc. 
  • Abs would be things like Crunches, Sit-ups, Decline Sit-ups, Hanging Sit-ups, Bicycle Crunches, V-Ups, Hanging Leg Raises, Twists with a weight, Medicine Ball Slams, etc. 
  • Cardio would be things like Jumping Jacks, Running, Shadowboxing, an Exercise Bike, an Arm Bike, an Indoor Rowing Machine, Sled Drags, etc. Things that are generally deemed “cardio.”
  • Upper Body Pull would be things like various types of Pull-ups, Rows, Rope Climbing, Biceps Curls, etc. 
  • Legs would be things like Squats, Deadlift, Lunges, Box Jumps, Tuck Jumps, Leg Press, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, etc.
  • Multi-Joint Movements would be things like Burpees, Kettlebell Swings, Snatches, Clean and Press, Squat Cleans, Olympic Weight Lifts.
  • Example Circuit: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Sprint, Upright KB Rows, Crunches, Rowing, Walking Lunges, Medicine Ball Twists, KB Swings, V-Ups, Sprint
That’s all for today! Hope you guys like these so far! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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