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Random Who Would Win #3: Master Roshi vs. The Third Hokage

In the Battle of the Old Men; in the War of the Geriatrics; in the Clash of the Elderly, Master Roshi has emerged victorious over the Third Hokage. “The Professor” of the ninja village of Konoha was rumored to know every technique in the village and was powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the fiendish Orochimaru; however, he falls to the wiles of the perverted Turtle Hermit, the Master of the Kamehameha.

Roshi may not be as versatile as the Third (although he does have quite a few techniques), but he’s massively powerful and able to demolish an entire mountainside with his full-powered Kamehameha. The fight would probably be mostly the Third’s battle at long range, but Roshi would take it in terms of power and combat skill up close. Therefore, with the Third forcing a long-range battle, Roshi would resort to the Kamehameha. The first would probably miss, due to the Replacement Technique or something of the sort, but the wiley Roshi would find a way to make sure the second (and, most likely, Full Power) Kamehameha would meet its mark.  A single shot from the this massive blast would end the fight without a question. I would actually really like to watch this one.

That’s all for now. Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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