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Random Who Would Win #4: Ryu vs. Hanma Baki

In our fourth installment of the “Random Who Would Win” series, we see Ryu from Street Fighter vs. Hanma Baki from (of course) Grappler Baki. While Ryu is immensely strong and capable of using the Hadoken, Baki is skilled beyond measure, wielding the fighting skills of nearly every style on the planet, with a body capable of breaking nearly every sports record in existence.

The beginning of the fight would obviously be very fierce, but Baki would gradually gain the upperhand as he learned how Ryu moved and he would eventually overcome the gi-wearing striker. Even if Ryu used the Dark Hado to increase his power, it would very likely push Baki into awakening his “Hanma blood.”  It’s generally up for debate on who would win, but this time, the Son of Ogre is champ.

That’s all for now. Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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