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Real Anime Training Beginner Workout List

I’ve collected all of the easier workouts into a single post for you guys just starting out. I know there’s a lot of stuff to look through and it’s difficult to know where to begin. You can always scale a workout down, but I’m going to put the one’s here that are the easier ones to start. I will list them in order of difficulty (which may be arguable).

The Real Anime Training Beginner Workout List
  1. Starting the Journey
  2. The Real Anime Training Warm-up
  3. Ippo’s Recovery Time 
  4. Bowling King- Play the Game Workout
  5. Prince of Tennis- Play the Game Workout
  6. Crossover- Play the Game Workout
  7. Eyeshield 21- Play the Game Workout
  8. Any of the 72 Arts of Shaolin (They start off at your personal level)
  9. Baki’s Trainer Workout
  10. Kenichi’s Vacation Workout- Getting There
  11. Issei’s Beginner “Devil’s Pawn” Training
Once again, this is arguable, but I listed the workouts based on the difficulty in terms of strength, endurance, and skill. All of these workouts are fairly easy to complete, so if you’re looking for a starting place, here’s a good one. Plus, there are 7 different anime represented in this list, which is also nice to see. 
Feel free to argue about the list in the comments!

About the Author Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross is a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and author of Real Anime Training since 2007. He has been studying various modalities of fitness for 20 years and is greatly interested in helping people improve their lives, both in the gym and out.

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