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Real Anime Training: Level Zero

A while ago, one of our readers brought up that a bunch of the Real Anime Training workouts were so difficult that beginners wouldn’t even know where to start with them. In response to that conversation, I’ve created this post to provide those who might feel a little dismayed about starting with Real Anime Training, due to the difficulty level, with options for training. Just because you can’t do the listed workout does not mean we can’t break the exercises down into smaller pieces or scale everything to an easier level for you. This post will serve as a reference for scaling options in workouts.

Part I: Less is More

If a workout lists a certain number of repetitions or a certain weight to be used, that in no way means that you must do that in your training. If necessary, you can cut the reps or weight by half or even down to a quarter of the prescribed amount. Over time, you can increase them both gradually until you reach how the workout is written.

You can also do easier Real Anime Training workouts (several workouts will soon be added to the “Level Zero” tag) or just not do as many training sessions during the week. The goal of training is to stimulate a response from your body into becoming stronger, not to demolish it so that it cannot recover.

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Part II: Scaling Exercises

Here is a list of certain exercises that you can do in lieu of harder exercises. I will list them in degrees. I will also list new ones as needed.

  1. Handstand Push-up—-> Wall Handstand Push-up—-> Pike HSPU Progression—-> Decline Push-up
  2. Push-up—-> Knee Push-up—-> Counter/Incline Push-up—-> Wall Push-up
  3. Pull-up—-> Negative Pull-up—-> Body Row (More Horizontal=Harder, More Vertical=Easier) using a bar, a TRX, gymnastic rings, or a rope
  4. Jump Squat—-> Body Squat—-> Half Squat—-> Quarter Squat
  5. Lunges—-> Half Lunge—-> Quarter Lunge
  6. Handstand Walk—-> Wheelbarrow Walk—-> Plank Walk
  7. Clean—-> Power Clean—-> Deadlift—-> Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swing
  8. Snatch—-> Power Snatch—-> Snatch-Grip Deadlift and Snatch-Grip Jump and Shrug
  9. Hanging Sit-up—-> Decline Sit-up—-> Sit-up—-> Half Sit-up—-> Crunch
  10. Plank/Side Plank—-> Plank/Side Plank on Knees
Part III: Exercise Modifiers

These are techniques you can use to help you even further, if you get stuck on a workout. 
  1. Kipping- Using your hips to generate force to help you in a pull-up, row, dip, or handstand push-up.
  2. Pushing- Utilizing your hips and legs in an overhead lift in order to help complete it. Explosive in nature. 
  3. Swinging- Using your hips in order to generate more force. Motion is not is not as explosive as a push or a kip and relies more on larger body movement. 
If anyone has any specific questions regarding exercises or making things easier, feel free to email me at and I’ll make the adjustments here. 
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