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This Isn't Even Our Final Form!

On November 10, 1990, Shōnen Jump published chapter 300 of the Dragon Ball manga. In this chapter, the last Namekian, Piccolo, was beating the tar out of the space tyrant himself: Freeza. Of course, villains need to be able to monologue from time-to-time, so Piccolo gave Freeza a minute to breathe, gloat, and make threats. 

This brings us the panel on the right. Freeza had already shown off his power by transforming once. And he still had two more under his belt. This panel is where we get the infamous line (that doesn't actually appear in the manga) "This isn't even my final form."

With that said, Freeza unleashes a new form - deadlier than the previous one and able to deal a beating back to Piccolo. And it still wasn't even his final form. 

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In other words, this isn't even his final form.

In other words, this isn't even his final form.

The OG Anime Fitness Website

In 2007, Stephen Ross created the Real Anime Training blog to share his knowledge of fitness and love of anime in a way that could help make people better and healthier, while having fun with it. The site was the first of it's kind, teaching people how to train like the characters they loved long before imitators like Nerd Fitness came along. For years, he wrote post after post showing people how they could train like the anime characters that they looked up to. From the "Goku Training Program" to the three-year-long "One Punch Man Training Program," Stephen has poured his heart, soul, and knowledge into presenting top-notch instructions so that anyone would be able to train and reach their next level. And then, in 2017, he took me on as a student and a content creator for the "RAT" YouTube channel. It was sort of a transformation. He kept working on the blog, but I was there to help him film and edit videos that presented the workout programs he had written in video form. It was a long overdue change, but when we finally made it happen, people loved it. We went all-out and made videos inspired by Naruto, Hajime no Ippo, and even Sailor Moon. We also put out several motivational speech videos and even began a series that has been following my weight loss journey. Together, we made Real Anime Training far more powerful than it had ever been.

But we still have two more transformations remaining. And the first one is finally here.

Real Anime Training Has Evolved!

The original blog lasted a very long time over on Blogger. In fact, Blogger was still Blogspot when Stephen started Real Anime Training. But the limitations imposed by a host like Blogger were restrictive and kept the site from growing. We knew that we needed to make a change, and thus invested our time and money into creating a new site from the ground up. All of the original content is still here! But is finally a real home for what we're doing. The "Workout Master Post" is now "Workout By Series," and can be accessed from the main menu on the top of this page. We have also organized posts a lot more cleanly. And best of all, there is so much more coming! 

We would love to have you leave feedback in the comments below. This overhaul took a lot of work, but the whole point of it was to better serve you, the student. 

The old site was...functional?

Another Form Is On The Horizon

I wouldn't call it a "final" form. After all, even Freeza was able to develop the "Golden Freeza" form. And while "Golden Real Anime Training" is a ways off, we have another transformation arriving this year! In fact, it will be here as soon as this July! 

Real Anime Training Plus is the transformation that will take you, our dear reader, from being more than just a consumer of information to being a full-fledged student with vast amounts of exclusive information, videos, courses and more - with a community of students to help you along the way! The program is still in development, but you can sign-up for updates on the program and get exclusive discounts when it comes out by going here and signing up with your email address! When we launch in a couple of months, everyone who signed up ahead of time will be offered a massive discount on this program. So, don't miss the opportunity!

Go Forth, And Kick Your Butt!

Real Anime Training has always been about inspiring you to kick your own butt so that you can live the life you deserve! It all starts with a foundation of strength! Thus, I'm offering a completely free course about building a foundation of strength. It's only two parts, and less than twenty minutes total. But if you watch these lessons and apply what's in them to your life, you will be on your way to finding your next form. Because we aren't the only ones transforming here. Whether you're a fitness junkie who has stalled out or someone who has always been too scared to pick up a kettlebell, you are not on your final form. There is hope. You can improve. And when you look back on your life, you'll laugh at how you thought you had peaked. 

Now, let's go find that final form together!

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