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Real Anime Training Reviews: Calisthenics Kingz- HIT’s Solution to Getting Killer Abs 2

Moving forward in my slow (but steady) reviews of HIT’s series of DVDs that I purchased a few months ago, I take a foray into the second iteration of “HIT’s Solution to Getting Killer Abs.”  This is not exactly the same DVD, but it’s pretty similar to the first DVD. It’s a combinations of abdominal exercises and cardio (see how I’m not being specific to preserve the integrity of his program? :P) designed to work your mid-section and burn fat through interval training.

In reality, it would’ve been better for me to just watch both of them back-to-back and do one review, but I didn’t and here we are. In an effort to say something interesting about the DVD, then, let me say that I was a little disappointed that it was so similar, but I understand, given that fact that HIT is putting his more difficult moves, including those using a pull-up bar, on other DVDs.  I get the concept behind it. On one side, we have a DVD that is “all abs” and, on another, we have a DVD that is “exercises that just so happen to also work your abs.”

You’re sure to get quite the burn out of this program, so if HIT does a multi-DVD buying promotion again, I would really think about taking advantage of it in order to maximize your spending. I can’t say that I’d buy the program on its own, but (then again) I research exercises as one of my main hobbies. At some point, I just end up seeing stuff I’ve already seen before.

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For those just starting and those wanting to learn more, I definitely recommend any of the Calisthenics Kingz programs I’ve review thus far.

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