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“Rebuild the Guild” Workout (Fairy Tail)

After the guild is destroyed by the Phantom Lord Guild, all the members of Fairy Tail pitch in to help rebuild the guild building. There’s a lot of lifting and carrying going on in the midst of construction and that is what this workout hopes to mimic.

“Rebuild the Guild” Workout

1. “Lumber Carry” Barbell Complex

  1. Deadlift
  2. Clean
  3. Front Squat
  4. Push Press
  5. Back Squat
  6. Barbell Lunge
  7. Barbell Yoke Carry- 50 Meters
  8. Push Press
–10 to 20 Rounds
2. “Bucket Carry” Dumbbell Complex, increasing weight
  1. 100 Meter Farmer’s Walk
  2. 100 Meter Run
–5 to 10 Rounds
3. 200 Sledgehammer Swings
  • The Barbell Complex is only one rep of each exercise. You’ll approach the bar, bend down and do a Deadlift, sit the bar down (but don’t let it go) and immediately go into a full Clean. After the Clean, do a Front Squat (the bar racked on your chest and delts). At the top of the Front Squat, bend your knees and hips slightly and use the momentum from the upward movement of your legs to help you press the weight completely overhead for the Push Press. From the overhead position, bring the weight down on your shoulders and do a Back Squat. From the Back Squat, perform a Barbell Lunge on each leg. Next walk 50 meters with the weight still on your shoulders. At the end of the 50 meters, perform another Push Press from the bars current position. You may either bring the weight down to your chest and reverse the motion of the clean to put the bar back down or you may just drop the weight in front of you (but make sure you are out of the way). Repeat 10 to 20 times depending on your fitness. 
  • The limiting factor as far as weight goes for the Barbell Complex will most likely be the Push Press. Starting with 45-95# is probably a good place to begin. 
  • The Dumbbell Complex will require several increasingly heavier DBs or a set of varying weight dumbbells. You’ll pick up the first set of dumbbell and walk 100 meters, then set them down and jog 100 meters back to the start. Then, you’ll pick up the next set of DBs and do the next set. For instance, the complex may work like this: 15#, 25#, 35#, 45#, 55#. 
  • Ideally, you should be swinging the sledgehammer down onto a tire. If sledgehammer swings get too easy at the end of your workout, use a heavier hammer. 
Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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