Recovery Workouts Master Post – Real Anime Training

Recovery Workouts Master Post

Pure Recovery Workouts
  1. Starting the Journey
  2. Ippo’s Recovery Time
  3. Luffy, the Rubber Man
  4. The Real Anime Training Warm-up
  5. The Real Anime Training Stretching Routine
GPP/Cross Training/Recovery Workouts- These are workouts you want to do when you are looking to do something completely different than what you normally do, but still remain active. While these may not necessarily be easy, they will allow you do spare your body from your normal activity, so that it may recover from overuse in certain movement patterns.
  1. Eyeshield 21- Play the Game Workout
  2. Bowling King- Play the Game Workout
  3. Crossover- Play the Game Workout
  4. Prince of Tennis- Play the Game Workout
Workouts will be added here as I make them/get time to post them. 
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