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Request: Mulan’s Training (AKA: The “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” Workout)

I got a request for a workout based on Mulan’s training and I though, “Why the hell not?!”

Mulan is a legendary figure from ancient China and the subject of a number of poems and stories, as well as a Disney movie.

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Somebody’s about to catch a beat down.

Mulan becomes an amazing warrior, but like any good warrior, she needs a training montage and that’s where this workout comes in. Really hope you enjoy this one!!
Mulan’s Training (AKA: The “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” Workout)
  1. 30 Minutes Martial Arts Practice
  2. 10 Minutes Blocking Practice (Strikes or Tennis Balls)
  3. 10 Minutes Dodging Practice (Strikes or Tennis Balls)
  4. 3 Mile Hike/Trail Run with 20lb Weighted Pole on Shoulders*
  5. 10 Minutes Sparring Practice
  6. 20 Minutes “Breaking” Practice/Body Conditioning
  • The martial arts practice can be reps of techniques, shadowboxing, bag work, mitt work, forms,  two-man sets, or weapons practice. 
  • Use whatever blocking techniques you have for the blocking practice, but your primary goal is to  deflect or stop the incoming attack (or tennis ball) with an arm/hand or leg/foot.
  • In the dodging practice you can stand against a wall or run around while your partner throws tennis balls at you. Alternatively, you can merely practice dodging incoming blows by swaying, bobbing, weaving, using your footwork, jumping, or any other movement. 
  • Reference the video for an example of the Weighted Pole. You could also use a backpack or a weighted vest.
  • Sparring can be No-Contact Sparring, Light to Full Contact Sparring, a two-man set, point sparring, grappling, or mixed sparring. If you’re doing an kind of contact, it’s better to wear gear for safety’s sake, since it’s just practice.
  • For “Breaking” or Body Conditioning you can use an Iron Palm Bag, an Iron Claw Bag, do 3-Star Training on a pole or tree, hit a canvas bag, hit a hard heavy bag bare-handed, use a body-conditioning bar, or actually practice breaking pine boards or concrete blocks. Whatever you do, start slow and remember that this kind of training takes a long time, because bone hardens very slowly.
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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