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Rock Lee’s “Curry of Life” Workout

In the anime, there is a filler arc where Rock Lee is shown running for days at a time and he ends up almost dying, but is given some amazing curry and brought back to the realm of the living. This workout is about the mental toughness to push yourself further and further and to move forward, even if you’re just barely moving at all.

Rock Lee’s “Curry of Life” Workout

-Run X+1 Miles.  X= The # of time you’ve completed the workout.


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  • You’ll start with 1 mile the first time you do the workout. After that, you’ll do 2 miles. If you complete 2, then run 3. If you complete 3, then run 4. This continues for as long as you can handle it. 
  • I would avoid doing this workout every day, because it’s a very quick way to over train due to the ever increasing distance. 
  • For longer distances, make sure that you are consuming enough water and carbohydrates. You should consume 30-60 carbs every hour or so when you are running or working out continuously. 
  • If you are going to be running very long distances, make sure that you wear decent clothing that is not going to chafe, as well as possibly a phone and money for emergency purposes. 
Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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