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“Roshi’s Training” Workout

This should be fun! Just don’t die.

(Note: Do NOT attempt the next level without first completing the previous level in its entirety three times. If you fail on a set, continue your workout, but do not count the workout as going towards the three needed successes.)
Front Carry w/50 lbs 5×25 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 25 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/100 lbs 5×25 yards
Overhead Carry w/50 lbs 5×25 yards
Farmer’s Walk 50 lbs/hand 5×25 yards
Sprints 2×50 yards

Swim 1/4 Mile

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Front Carry w/100 lbs 5×25 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 50 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/200 lbs 5×25 yards
Overhead Carry w/100 lbs 5×25 yards
Farmer’s Walk 100 lbs/hand 5×25 yards
Sprints 4×50 yards

Swim 1/4 Mile

Front Carry w/150 lbs 5×50 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 100 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/250 lbs 5×50 yards
Overhead Carry w/100 lbs 5×50 yards
Farmer’s Walk 100 lbs/hand 5×50 yards
Sprints 6×50 yards

Swim 1/4 Mile

Front Carry w/200 lbs 5×50 yards
Sledgehammer Swings- 200 each side
Wheelbarrow Push w/250 lbs 5×100 yds
Overhead Carry w/100 lbs 5×100 yards
Farmer’s Walk 150 lbs/hand 5×50 yards
Sprints 8×50 yards

Swim 1/4 Mile

A note on the exercises:

  • The poundages listed are not set in stone. It would probably be best if you could find some big rock to carry for each of these, seeing as how rocks are awkward and training with them will make you really strong. If you can’t get big rocks, a flat on which sodas are delivered on with some weights piled on it will do nicely.
  • For the Front Carry: The weight or rock can be carried arms extended downward, with just your fingers holding on or by hugging the implement or tucking it into the crux of your elbows.
  • When swinging the sledgehammer, always swing at something. This can be a tire or a big piece of wood.
  • The Wheelbarrow Push can be done uphill or on flat ground.
  • Be very careful when lifting heavy weights overhead. If you think you are going to drop it mid-stride, let it fall behind you and keep moving forward quickly.
  • For the Farmer’s Walk, 5 Gallon buckets or dumbbell may be used. Also, strongman style farmer’s walk apparatus is acceptable and probably better for the heavier weights.
  • Rest for as long as you need to in between sets and exercises, but ideally you should be working up to having just 1 Minute of rest in between sets.
  • For the swim, make sure to go as hard as you can, although you’ll probably be pretty tired from the rest of the workout.
Good luck and train hard!
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  • Anonymous says:

    HI! It´s very interesting, and i´m not making any SPAM.

    but I´m a little confused…
    where does roshi´s training start?
    i mean where is the beginner list.

    and these “levels”, for example i´m doing lvl. 1…
    i´m to do it every day???
    that´s impossible, the muscles would become smaller!!!

  • Vaxoin says:

    Of course you aren’t supposed to do it every day! Every other day is fine, but you may need to do it only two times a week at first, especially if you’re a beginner. Aside from that, this is just a guideline! It’s not written in stone. Take it and tweak it however you need.

  • Anonymous says:

    noooo dont do that to your self your ideas are great keep em coming there great ideas ive gotten alot stronger from it plesae more keep it up

  • Anonymous says:

    your blog ROCKS!! If you can could you put some stuff on meditation as well and can you put up some training from naruto as well because i can’t think of any just by looking at the any, but then again i’m not very observing.

  • Josh says:

    These are incredible, but do we do one level once for the day or is it really suppose to be three times?

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