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Ryouzanpaku Master Workout #2- Sakaki

This workout is based on History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’s Karate Master: Sakaki Shio, the Hundred Dan Brawler. It’s brutal, but it is a Master Workout.


  1. Run 6 Miles
  2. 500 Horse Stance Punches total
4-6 Hours Later:
  1. 4 Hill Sprints or 2 Partner Drags/person (if partner available)
  2. MAX Handstand Push-ups
  3. 10 Each of Front Kick, Round Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick
  4. MAX Fingertip Push-ups
  5. 10 Each of Front Kick, Round Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick
  6. MAX Knuckle Push-ups
  7. 10 Each of Front Kick, Round Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick
  8. 10 Stance Changes w/Gripping Jars
  9. 10 Each of Front Kick, Round Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick
  10. 50 Dumbbell/KB Toss (Total Reps)
  11. 20 “Stone Club” Front and Rear Lifts each side
  12. Tree Punches (as is comfortable)
  13. Stone Strikes (Flat Slap, Palm Heel, Backfist, Punch, Knifehand, as is comfortable)
  14. 5 Minutes Handwalking or Wheelbarrow Stair Climbs (if partner available)
  15. 500 Strikes on Heavy Bag (Any)
  • You may not be able to complete this workout the first time through.
  • For your run, try to pick a hilly area.
  • On your hill sprints, go all out until you can’t and then walk back down. Take a second, and start again. For partner drags, it is best if you have a strong athletic band to wrap around your midsection which your partner can hold onto as you make your way up the hill on two feet or all fours, either is acceptable.
  • For handstand push-ups, use a wall as support. When you are able to do 25 or so without stopping, you can use some stools, chairs, or concrete blocks to increase your range of motion.
  • Look up some tutorials for proper kick form and do them on each side.
  • For the fingertip push-ups, use 5 fingers at first. When you are able to do 30 or so reps without stopping, use 4 fingers and work your way down as such.
  • To perform stance changes, you will hold the following stances for a count of three before moving to the next stance. You will be holding the gripping jars low at your sides. 1) Horse Stance, then step forward to 2) Left side Forward Stance, then step forward to 3)Right side Forward Stance, then step forward to 4) Horse Stance. 5) Lift Jars along your front twice each side, then 6) Reverse steps 1-4. Repeat steps 1-6 a total of 5 times for this exercise to be completed. Start with 25lbs per hand in the gripping jars. For this, it would be best to use steel shot, which can be expensive. You may be able to use wet sand, too. When this gets easier, move to 50lbs per hand.
  • The Dumbbell or Kettlebell Tosses are simple. Stand in a Horse Stance and lift the weight in front of you with your arm straight. Toss it slightly at the top, release, and catch with the other hand. Repeat with other arm. Start out with 10lbs, and work your way up from there. Let your arms swing to your sides at the bottom of the movement so you don’t whack yourself on the way down.
  • “Stone Club” Front Lifts and Rear Lifts are performed on one arm for the rep count before switching arms. The “Stone Club” can be a Dumbbell or small Barbell loaded only on one side, using the unloaded side as a handle. Make sure you collar the loaded side very, very well. For the Front Lift, hold the weight in front, the loaded side facing up. You’ll start with your arm low, in front of you, and raise the weight at your front while keeping your arm straight. The load should always be pointing straight up. When you reach the top, with your arm pointing straight up, bend at the elbow and lower the weight behind you, like a triceps press. This is the Rear Lift. The load will obviously point down at this point, so collaring is a must! Follow the motion all the way to the starting position to complete 1 rep. This exercise must be done slow and deliberately. It should be about an 8 second count up and down for the Front Lift and a 4 second count down and up for the Rear Life. That means each rep will take a total of a 12 second count. Start with 5lbs and work your way up.
  • Tree punches should be delivered to a tree with a smooth bark (or not too rough bark) and should be as hard as is comfortable. If it starts to hurt too much, back off or quit for the day.
  • Stone Strikes should be delivered to a smooth stone (or not to0 rough stone) and should be as hard as is comfortable. If it starts to hurt too much, back off or quit for the day.
  • Keep the clock running as you practice handwalking. When you can do it relatively easily, try to do it on your fists or fingertips, but that will probably be a while. If you have a partner, have him hold your ankles as you use your fists to walk up and down stairs. Bleachers or stone stairs, it’s up to you. Try no to go too fast, because you’ll probably fall. If you are holding your partner’s ankles, really keep a grip on him. If you have to let go, tell him, so you don’t just drop him.
  • For the Heavy Bag, you can lay into it with any strikes you want for up to 500 total strikes. Punches, kicks, knees, elbows, whatever. It’s a nice way to finish off the day.
As always, if you are new, go at a slower pace, or do less reps or whatever you need to do to make sure that you stay safe and are getting a good workout. You may just end up doing the morning routine to begin with, or you can do a scaled down version of the whole workout, where you just do 1/2 or 1/4 of the prescribed reps or weights.
These Master Workouts are requiring quite a bit of research, but they are well worth it, I think.
That’s all for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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