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Ryouzanpaku Master Workout #3- Ma

This workout is based on HSDK’s Kung Fu master Ma Kensei, the master of all Chinese Kung Fu. He’s small, but quick and extremely powerful. This training is taken from the training in the Shaolin Temple and from the anime. Remember to read the notes at the bottom.

  1. 5 Minute Light Jog
  2. 2 Minute Split Stretching
  3. 20 Minutes- Hill or Stair Sprints, Bear Crawl Down (as many sets as possible)
4-6 Hours Later:
  1. 2 Mile Run
  2. Tiger Push-ups- 5 Minutes
  3. Deep Horse Stance- 10 Minutes
  4. Iron Palm Bag- 100 Strikes each side (25 each palm slap, back hand slap, knife hand, punch)
  5. 100 Lunge Steps
  6. Heavy Bag Work- 10 Minutes
  7. 5 Minutes Three Star Training (with partner or pole)
  8. Fingertip Push-ups- 5 Minutes
  9. Practice Headstand for 10 Minutes
  10. Practice Jumping (as high as you can) for 10 Minutes
  11. 50 Horse Stance Punches
  12. 50 Kicks (your choice)
  • After your normal warm-up, the morning will start with a light jog, stretching, and HILL SPRINTS. Not just that, but you have to bear crawl down the hill. To bear crawl, you are moving on all fours, with your butt in the air. Have fun! 😀
  • On your 2 mile run, go as fast as you can. When you can do 2 miles in 12 minutes, add a 1lb ankle weight to each leg. Add 1 lb every time you get your time down to 12 minutes.
  • For Tiger Push-ups, spread your feet about one and a half times your shoulder width (it can be a little wider if you want), bend at the waist, put your hands on the ground, and push back on your hands with your back as straight as possible. Now, go up on your fingertips. This is your starting position. As you go down, sweep your chest right above the ground, press up, and you should be looking at the ceiling at the top of the movement, with your hips just above the ground. To go back to start, push back on your hands. Don’t go back through the same motion for the start.
  • Your horse stance should be deep, so that means your stance is going to be wider than the other horse stance I talked about once before AND you’ll need to turn your toes out slightly in order to spare your knees from damage. How deep? Ideally, the tops of your thighs should be parallel with the ground. When you are in the horse stance, hold your arms out at shoulder height, palms facing out, pointer-finger up, with the other fingers folded at the middle knuckle and your thumb should be out at about 45 degrees from your hand and the hands should be held tightly in this position. When you can hold this stance for 10 minutes straight, you may place a 10lb barbell on your thighs as you do it. After you can hold it from there, you may add 1lb/arm each time you get to 10 minutes. You may also use this deep form horse stance in all of your other training if you like.
  • We’ve spoken of the Iron Palm Bag, the Lunge Steps, and Bag Work before. However, when you can do 100 Lunge Steps without stopping, add another 100.
  • For Three Star Training, get into a horse stance (doesn’t have to be low) and with one arm chambered at your waist, swing the other arm from outside to inside, striking the pole or your partner’s forearm with the inside of your own forearm. Then, with the same arm, swing your forearm up, palm facing in, and strike the pole or your partner’s forearm with the inside of your own forearm in a Middle Block. From there, swing the arm down into a Low Block, striking the pole or your partner’s forearm with the outside of your own forearm. Execute with other side. Rest if pain becomes to much. Apply dit da jow if available.
  • We’ve covered fingertip push-ups.
  • For the headstand, use a wall or a partner as a spotter. Practice getting to the time limit with your hands as support at first. Use a piece of foam or a towel, so your head has something to rest against. Pause as is necessary for this exercise and stop if there is real pain.
  • When you practice jumping, make sure you lift your legs as high as you can at the top of the jump.
  • We’ve covered horse stance punches before.
  • You may throw any kicks you like at the end. Front, side, back, roundhouse, spin kicks, flying kicks– I don’t care, just kick!
This workout is slightly different than the other two master workouts. There are less explosive movements, but it’s just as hard. That’s all for today. Good luck and train hard!
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