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Ryouzanpaku Master Workout #4- Akisame

This workout is based on HSDK’s master, Koetsuji Akisame, the Philosophical Jujitsu Master. It’s a little hard to pin Akisame’s training down, primarily because traditional jujitsu training doesn’t have a large amount of physical conditioning beyond constant repetition of techniques. However, Akisame is not a normal jujitsu practitioner and has used a massive amount of physical training to turn all the muscles in his body into intermediate types capable of both explosive and long-term movements. Although, it’s probably impossible to change the muscular composition of one’s body, it’s still fun to think about. This is the first workout for Akisame and there will also be more workouts for the other masters, as well. As always, remember to check the notes at the bottom.

  1. 3 Mile Run
  2. 500 Yard Bear Crawl
4-6 Hours Later:
  1. 50 Pull-ups
  2. 100 Push-ups
  3. 200 Sit-ups
  4. 300 Squats
  5. 10 Minutes “Toe Training”
  6. 30 Minutes Jujitsu Practice
  • When your time for the three mile run gets down to 21 minutes, begin to pull a tire on the run. Add 10lbs to the tire every time you get the time down to 21 minutes again.
  • You can bear crawl on flat ground or up a hill. When you get to the point where you are pulling a tire on your run, also pull a tire during the bear crawl. The weight on the tire will also correspond to the weight on it during the run.
  • For the pull-ups, you can do wide grip, close grip, supinated grip (chin-ups), behind the neck pull-ups, towel pull-ups, or basic pull-ups. I’d recommend switching every time you do this workout. When you can do 50 reps without stopping on a few of the variations, hold a 10lb weight in between your knees or feet, hang it from your weight belt, or wear it in a weighted vest. You can add 10 more pounds each time you get to 50.
  • For the push-ups, you can do the basic push-up, wide push-ups, diamond push-ups, push-ups with fingers facing each other or away from each other, push-ups on the backs of your hands or whatever. Switch like with the pull-ups. When you can get to 100 reps without stopping on a few of the types of push-ups, wear a weighted vest with 10lbs. Add weight when you get to 100 again. You’ll probably need to do the push-ups with your hands and feet on blocks after you wear the vest in order to get the range of motion back.
  • For the sit-ups, after you do 200 reps without stopping, I recommend doing them on an decline bench. After you get to 200 again, you can either devise a way to do hanging sit-ups or you can start to add weight to your decline sit-ups. Hold a 10lb weight just behind your head to add weight to the sit-ups. Be sure not to tug on your own head to assist in the movement. Also, as always, when your do sit-ups make sure to really focus on “curling” up with your abdominal muscles instead of keeping your body straight.
  • For the squats, you can do conventional squats, sumo squats, hindu squats, or lunge squats (it’s 300 per leg if you’re doing lunge squats). When you get to 300 reps on the squats, add 10lbs to the exercise by holding dumbbells in your hands, a barbell on your back, in the crux of your elbows, in the front on your shoulders, holding a small sandbag (which will obviously get bigger as you add weight), or by wearing a weighted vest.
  • “Toe Training” is anything that will workout your toes. You can pull a dumbbell or barbell across the floor by hooking it with your toes, or pull down on a cable machine by hooking the handle with your toes. You can just hold onto the edge of something with your toes like a table or a metal bar and flex your toes up and down on it or pull down with your whole leg. You can also kick your toes into a sandbag (be careful) or flex your toes through sand, pebbles, or steel shot. Train your feet like you train your hands. It may seem strange, but strong feet and toes are better than weak feet and toes.
  • For all exercises, you may do them fast or slow or with pauses. Change it up every now and again.
  • Jujitsu practice can be practicing breakfalls or throws or submissions. I would go so far as to say any grappling technique, just so you have something to do. 
That’s all for today. This workout first builds middle level strength and endurance with bodyweight exercises and slowly adds weight to those exercises, in order for you to build both strength and stamina. Good luck and train hard!
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  • Avatar HermitTani says:

    Akisame is a boss! Im doing this workout with Akisames' personal touch by throwing a weighted dummy around and holding weights in a squating position. Have any advice on how long i should do each exercise?

  • Avatar Stephen Ross says:

    As far as the weighted dummy throws and the holding weights in the squatting position?

    Well, I was considering doing another workout for all of the Masters. The one for Akisame was going to be called "The Philosophical Jujitsu Master Workout."

    So, I might just answer any of your questions with that workout. 🙂

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