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Ryouzanpaku Master Workout #5: Apachai Hopachai, the Muay Thai God of Death

Apachai is the Underground Muay Thai God of Death. He has fought Muay Thai since he was a young boy and has tested his art against many opponents. His strength is amazing, but his technique and stamina are also impeccable. The goal of this workout is to focus on the techniques (and the muscles necessary for using the techniques) of Muay Thai. This workout, combined with the Ryouzanpaku Master Workout #1: Apachai, is an excellent way to get yourself into shape if you are interested in fighting Muay Thai.

He’s Apachai.

Ryouzanpaku Master Workout #5: Apachai Hopachai, the Muay Thai God of Death


1. Cardio (Choose 1):

  • Run 15 Minutes (5 easy, 5 moderate, 5 easy)
  • Run 30 Minutes, easy pace
  • Jump Rope for 15 Minutes 
2. Technique Practice (Choose 1):
  • 15 Minutes Single Technique on Heavy Bag- Focus on Technique and Power. Switch sides every 10 strikes.
  • Combinations on Thai Pads (4 x 3 Minutes w/1 Min Rest)- 2 to 4 strikes per combination
  • 20 Minutes Shadowboxing- Focus on good form
3. Bodyweight Exercises (Choose 1 from each group, Max Reps/Distance in 1 Minute) 
  • Push-ups (Wide, Close, Hindu, Divebomber, plyo, Spider-man, Handstand, etc. Change it up!)
  • Legs (Squats, Lunges, Jump Squats, Jump Lunges, Thai Squats, Tuck Jumps, etc.)
  • Pull (Pull-up, Chin-up, Body Rows, Muscle-up, Wide or Close Grip variations, etc)
  • Abs (Sit-ups, Crunches, Leg Raises, Hanging Leg Raises, V-Up, Toes-to-Bar, Plank, etc)
  • Cardio (Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Burpee+Push/Pull/Box Jump/etc, Jump Rope, Double Unders, Sprinting, Bear Crawl)
  • Rest
–Repeat Bodyweight Cycle 3 to 5 times depending on fitness
Evening (6-8 Hours Later)

Run 2 to 3 Miles, then  (1 Minute Rest for All Rounds- start minute with 10 Push-ups)
  1. 4 x 3 Minute Rounds Shadowboxing
  2. 4 x 3 Minute Rounds Heavy Bag 
  3. 4 x 1 Minute Rounds Clinch Work
  4. 4 x 3 Minute Rounds Sparring
  • It is recommended that you find a Muay Thai gym and learn some basics before you crash headlong into this workout. 
  • Your rounds of work can be steady state/even pace or you can do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with them and go 30 seconds easy, 30 seconds hard or some other split. 
  • If you are new to training, please pace  yourself and remember to scale everything back accordingly. Check out Level Zero if you need some assistance. 
  • Try to change up your exercises in the bodyweight exercises section as much as possible. You will already be doing a lot of push-ups later in this workout, as well as many squats, push-ups, and sit-ups if you are doing the first Apachai Workout. Your body will thank you. 
Muay Thai: Pure Striking, at its finest.
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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