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Ryouzanpaku’s Fundamental Training

(See History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi- Part II for exercise explanations.)

Ryouzanpaku’s Fundamental Training
(Note: This is a “split routine,” meaning wait 4-6 hours between the sections.)

1st Section
Run 2.5 Miles
  • When your running time reaches 17 and 1/2 minutes, begin running while pulling tire.
  • When your running time again reaches 17 and 1/2 minutes while pulling the tire, add 10 lbs to the tire and do so every time you complete the distance in 17 and 1/2 minutes until you reach 200 lbs. (I realize it is going to be a physical impossiblity for you to do this, but I’m putting it up here just in case one of you is a Saiya-jin or Clark Kent or something.)
2nd Section (4-6 Hours Later)
Horse Stance with Gripping Jars- 5 Minutes Total
Lunge Steps- 100 Steps Total
Suri Ashi with Gripping Jars- 50 Yards
  • Start with empty jars for both the Horse Stance and Suri Ashi. When you can complete the 5 Minutes without lowering the jars, add some water to them (can be just a cup of water or a 1/4 of the jar, whatever you feel comfortable with). It should be a while before you fill the jars. If your style of martial arts does not use a Horse Stance, a good measure for your body to be in the stance is to start with your feet together. Next, turn your toes out at 45 degrees, then slide your heels out to face away from each other at 45 degrees, then slide your toes out to face away from each other at 45 degrees one more time and, finally, bring your heels out so that the outsides of your feet are at a parallel line with one another. Toes, heels, toes, straight feet.
  • For the Lunge Steps, when you can complete 100 steps (50 left, 50 right) without stopping, add 100 total steps to your training. Even if you cannot do 100 steps without a rest, complete 100 steps if you are at that level. If you are at the 200 level, but can only do 150 without a rest, complete the whole 200 regardless. I’m not really imposing a limit on this exercise, but I doubt anyone will be doing as many as Ma told Kenichi to do.
  • Use the same amount of water for the Suri Ashi that you do for the Horse Stance. When moving with Suri Ashi, don’t move your head up and down, but try to stay at the same head height during the movement.
This is definitely a leg intensive workout (although your shoulders and arms may be screaming as well), so be prepared for that. In any case, good luck, have fun, and train hard!
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  • Rocker says:

    I want to ask you something, It's about the 2nd section, I can do the Horse Stance exercise complete but then I get tired and I can't do the others exercises in the same day because my legs hurts (due to exercise) What should I do? Should I do Horse stance one day and another day Lunge steps and another day Suri Ashi? Or just keep doing the same exercise until a can do two exercises in the same day? That's my question. Thanks. (I'm sorry for my english, I'm learning it)

  • Stephen Ross says:

    @Rocker, Are you doing the running earlier in the day, too?

    Anyway, let me give you a couple of options until you get stronger. 1) You can break them up in the week if you absolutely need to. 2)You can spend less time in the horse stance and then do a little of the lunge steps and a little of suri ashi, so that you're doing less, but still doing everything. 3) Keep practicing until you are actually able to do the next exercise in the workout.

    I do want to say one thing, though. You should make sure that you are not doing this workout every day or too close together. I would probably only do this workout twice a week to begin with and then maybe three times a week at the very most, because this is just SO leg intensive.

    More training does not necessarily mean more results. Remember to rest. 🙂

  • Rocker says:

    @Stephen Ross, Yes, I'm doing the running and I do this training two days a week. It would be brutal If I do it every day :S.

    Thanks for answering, I have no doubt now.

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